Master the Mental Side of Fitness

jeff on near skyterra with guests

When I was in high school, I purchased my first gym membership. Along with my friends, I built up my routine until I was putting in a solid to four or five days a week, not including my school team practices. I weighed in at a sleek 140 pounds, and my main goal was to…

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5 Unexpected Weight Loss Secrets (Part Three)

hand weights next to feet

Be sure to check out secrets one and two of Jeff’s unexpected weight loss secrets. Focused Weight Training Beats Mushy Middle Cardio There are quite a few myths floating around out there about the relationship between weight training and weight loss. Here are three that I’d like to debunk right away: You’ll get injured. While there’s a certain…

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Three Common Myths Surrounding Strength Training

outdoor strength training tire pull with coach

Myth 1:  If I lift heavy weights I’ll get bulky. Fact:  Throw this one away without a second thought. Lifting weights doesn’t mean your muscles will get bigger. When designing any weight training program, the sets and repetitions have to be individualized to the person and their goals. Training for body building competitions is far…

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Five Simple Strategies for Preventing Injuries

jeff ford working with client on rowing machine

The perfect way to stall your weight loss efforts and decrease your motivation for fitness is to get injured. It never feels good to sit on the sidelines when you’re ready to hit the field, and it seems like injuries always happen at the worst times. They pop up when you’re right at the beginning…

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5 Unexpected Weight Loss Secrets (Part Two)

Jeff Ford training Skyterra guests

Have you ever stepped onto a piece of cardio equipment at a health club or gym and seen the chart with the “Heart Rate Training Zones” displayed right in front of you? Remember the old Fat Burning Zone, The Weight Control Zone, The Aerobic Zone, and The Anaerobic Zone? You won’t see these charts on…

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Oh My Aching Knees!

close up of man grabbing knee in pain

As you get older, the slow march of time takes its toll. There’s no getting around it. Your body works hard all day every day. When you’re young, you work, you play, you exercise, you relax—for the most part, you go through life without thinking about your knees. But a lifetime of walking, sitting, standing,…

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5 Unexpected Weight Loss Secrets (Part One)

woman taking shower

If you’re like most people you’re often intrigued when you hear about a simple way to look and feel great; any way to get body fat off, right? This is why many of us resort to dieting or overdoing the exercise. This interest isn’t entirely about vanity because at the deepest level you deserve to…

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Are You Stuck in a Cardio/Diet Mentality?

strength training outdoors

When it comes to weight loss practices, the belief that cardio is king and lifting weights is for guys instead of gals dominates our thinking to the point that it’s become an accepted cultural norm. Unfortunately, this mentality has two major drawbacks: It’s not grounded in scientific data. It’s part and parcel of a self-destructive,…

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