Cat Case

Pickleball Instructor

Cat Case is an amateur pickleball tournament player and a pickleball instructor at Skyterra. Extensive tournament travel across the US in 2021 earned Cat the APP’s current number #1 rank for 3.5 women, 2021 National Indoor gold medal champion (3.0) and National silver medalist (3.5), and titles on both PPA and APP tours.

She just concluded two years “on tour” achieving No. 1 rank 3.5 women player on APP tour (2021), National Indoor Champion (2021), and National Runner Up (2021 and 2022), earning seven national and 16 regional medals.

Before pickleball, Cat raced one design sail boats and played ice hockey, both at the national level. Cat began competing in pickleball at the 3.0 level in 2021 and she just earned her first 4.0 medal. She is excited to bring even more pickleball to Skyterra guests and staff.