Meet The Team At Skyterra Wellness

Jeff Ford

Jeffrey Ford

Program Director

Jeff directs Skyterra's wellness program and leads classes in a manner that is real, comforting, and authentic. He customizes his work for every individual and designs the fitness program to be accessible and challenging for all levels. His passion for educating people is infectious! His vision is to be a leader in the health and fitness industry and to teach guests safe, effective, research-driven strategies for helping achieve their goals.

As a finisher of three Ironman triathlons and over ten marathons, Jeff has learned many lessons about how fitness and exercise apply to longevity and well-being – sometimes the hard way! Like many of our guests, he has been a restrictive over-exerciser and has learned from personal mistakes. With a decade of professional health and fitness experience behind him, Jeff’s current motivation is to help others get in front of the issues that have them "stuck." He believes that the essential aspects of every fitness routine are always proper movement and personal enjoyment.

Jeff is the former Fitness Director of Hilton Head Health. He has over six years of practical experience coaching weight loss and endurance training. As a certified Wellness Coach, he’s been devoted to helping people move better and lead healthier lives since graduating from Clemson University in 2010. In addition to his full-time role at Skyterra Wellness, Jeff is the Head Coach of Triathlon for Power Speed Endurance (PSE) and is finishing up his Master's Degree in Health Education from Eastern Carolina University.

Selected Certifications & Achievements
  • BS Marketing Health Services, Clemson University
  • ACSM Wellness Coach
  • ACSM Personal Trainer
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist
  • FMS Certified Professional
  • CrossFit LII Trainer, Endurance, Mobility, Rowing, and Cycling Coach