Skyterra Wellness employee pictured outside

Nick Ussery

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Nick began his career as a personal fitness trainer serving individuals in the state of North Carolina. As a youth, Nick became interested in anatomy and physiology and wanted to pursue a career in healthcare to serve his community. Always interested in optimizing wellbeing and with a keen interest in athletics and kinesiology, Nick decided to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Nick says: “I have always had a passion for getting to know what makes people satisfied with their lives and has always felt a great sense of pride in being able to maintain and improve an individual’s functional capacity to help them maintain their ability to perform the activities that they enjoy. Your happiness in life is my happiness in my profession. Keeping our body strong, mobile, and adaptable to the variety of situations that life can throw our way is where I find the most fulfillment.”

Select Certifications and Achievements:

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Dry Needling Certification