Skyterra massage therapist pictured outside


Massage Therapist

After following his wife of more than 10 years through massage school, Zachary graduated from the Center for Massage and Natural Health where he studied sports massage, stretching, and trigger points. Zach is very active and enjoys climbing, biking, hiking, and lifting while living with chronic back and joint pain.

Since becoming a massage therapist, Zach has learned to manage his body in ways he never thought possible. He now understands how important it is for active people to get out and play while finding ways to recover from activities without flaring chronic pain from old injuries or ongoing structural stress. Zach wants to educate and help others enjoy life with massage therapy the way it has helped him.

Zach says: “I am excited to be working in such a healing and compassionate environment.”

Select Certifications and Achievements:

  • Certified in Lymphatic release
  • Training in Assisted stretching, advanced spinal techniques, and trigger point work.