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New to Yoga? Considerations for Practice

The practice of yoga is an ancient tradition.  New yoga students should always consider the instructors training, expertise, and teaching methods. The new yoga student should always be encouraged to honor their physical limitations. Any type of physical activity that challenges the body should be practiced with dedicated individual attention and care. Body awareness and…


7 Reasons to Take Hydration Seriously

Next to air, water is the most important physiological need for the human body. You can only go a few days without water. Think about those days when you just don’t seem to drink enough water, how do you feel? If you’re wondering where the sleepiness, headaches and nausea come from late in your afternoon…


Fitness Programming: A Four Step Process

Assess Your Mobility and Movement I see it all the time. Excitement is high out of the gates and someone dives right into an intensive fitness program, only to find themselves two weeks later back on the couch due to an injury or burn out. If you sit at a desk, work long hours, or…

Core Fitness for Aging Gracefully

Age With Grace: Strengthen Your Core

Our “core” is essential to our adaptive functionality, especially as we age.

How to nurture a positive body image

How to Nurture a Positive Body Image.

Body image encircles more then just appearance. It encompasses more then the possible shrewdness of how others individualize us. Body image, at its core, embodies an array of dynamic origins. How we think, feel, act and react to our own self-perceived physical attributes are all tiny fragments in the unabridged explanation of body image. The…

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Great Workouts While Traveling

If you’re someone who travels for work, it can be very difficult to get into a consistent fitness routine. Never let time or equipment limit you. For most people starting an exercise program, the perfect and safest place to begin is functional body weight exercises that wake up and develop proper range of motion. This…


Goal Setting: Use ‘ETA’ For Fast Results

During my years of working in the fitness industry, I don’t think there has been a goal that I haven’t come across. I’ve worked with teenagers training them for their high school sports, busy business executives looking to get healthy and lose weight, and seventy year olds who just want to get back their mobility…


Inspired, Intentional Wellbeing [Start Here]

Individuals with resilient mental health are inherently aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Many are conditioned to cope with stress or stressful situations as if it were second nature. As an emotionally balanced being, our resilience prides us with positive self-efficacy and increased self-esteem. Our buoyancy encourages healthful habitual practices and fruitful relationships. But…


Why Strength Training Speeds Weight Loss [3 Reasons]

If you’re looking to lose weight or fit into your clothes better, strength training is one of the best tools. Here’s why.


3 Mobility Techniques You Should Be Doing Every Day

The Couch Stretch If you haven’t heard of the couch stretch you’re missing out. This is the most readily available technique that you can do just about anywhere as long as you have a wall, chair or a couch. If you’re like most people, you’re are forced to sit at a desk all day long,…