How to Make your Snack Time Count

Cashew yogurt

Snacks. We all love our snacky snacks, now more than ever. For many of us who are adjusting to working from home near a kitchen full of food, having a list of grown-up snacks will help you raid the kitchen with purpose. Below are some of our favorites.

First though, we want you to know that it is OK to have snacks throughout the day. Some thrive having a mid-afternoon and evening snack, while others feel okay having just one snack a day. Second, snacking out of boredom, anxiety or loneliness may be worth exploring on a deeper level. All of us experience times when we eat when we are NOT hungry; however, if we constantly rely on food to cope then we aren’t really fixing the problem. Third, snacks can get boring and that is why we are here to help! Below are five snacks that will actually satisfy you. 

  1. Cashew “Yogurt” topped with berries and cacao nibs. This “yogurt” is more like a pudding. It only truly requires two ingredients (full fat canned coconut milk and cashews) and can easily be personalized by adding flavor enhancers such as honey, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and pure vanilla extract. 
  2. Grown-up ants on a Log. I don’t know about you, but I loved peanut butter inside of celery when I was young. The raisins on top made it that much better. What if you did something different? Try sliced pears topped with almond butter and diced dried figs. 
  3. Chocolate and tea. Enjoy a few pieces of your favorite chocolate while also drinking a tea blend that caters to your preference. I have personally come to love any tea with lavender because it is soothing, but explore different flavors until you find what you enjoy.
  4. Banana with Skytella. This chocolate hazelnut spread is smooth, chocolatey and amazing. You can use it in smoothies or with whatever fruit you prefer. 
  5. Tropical homemade trail mix. Make your own tropical trail mix blend with macadamia nuts, cashews, dried mango pieces, and dried coconut. 

Bottom line: your snacky snacks don’t have to be blandy bland. Let us know how you likey likey!