Do you think you have a handle on your daily sugar intake? Check out these alternative names for sugar on food labels from the USDA and Harvard School of Public Health*. High amounts of sugar in the diet contribute to weight gain, but it can also cause brain fog, decrease immunity, increase fatigue, decrease energy, and increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease: Agave nectar* | anhydrous dextrose | brown sugar | cane crystals* | cane juice | confectioners powdered sugar | corn sweetener* | corn syrup | corn syrup solids | crystal dextrose | crystalline fructose* | dextrose | evaporated corn sweetener | fructose | fruit juice concentrate | glucose | high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) | honey | invert sugar | lactose | liquid fructose | maltose | malt syrup | maple syrup | molasses | nectars | pancake syrup | raw sugar | sucrose | sugar cane juice | white granulated sugar.

Join SkyTerra in this challenge to evaluate your sugar intake! For three days make a point of reading the food labels of everything you eat and drink and see how many of the “hidden” sugars you are ingesting.