We’ve Been Cooking Up Some Egg-citing Changes

Your Culinary Department has been hard at work these past several weeks, executing on some exciting changes, additions and upgrades, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy!

At Skyterra, we strive to constantly improve your experience. The Culinary Center is at the heart of our campus, and we wanted to ensure that your time spent at Skyterra’s dining room table is one of the many highlights of your stay.

If you have stayed with us in the past, know that we listened to your feedback. If you are a first-time guest, know that these changes will only enhance your stay. 

Introducing our New Executive Chef, Erica Reynolds!

We are excited to introduce you to Erica Reynolds, Skyterra’s new Executive Chef. Erica joins Skyterra with an A.A.S in Culinary Management from Gulf Coast State College. She started her career in the U.S. Army and then for Boeing, working for the International Space Station. She served tours of duty around the world, including South Korea and Iraq, and infuses those global flavors into her cuisine.

Erica describes her cuisine style as New Modern American Fusion: a new style of American cuisine that infuses tastes from around the globe. We’re excited to add her perspective to our menu.

Her goal is to impress guests with a unique dining experience, using fresh, local, seasonal produce and ingredients, exciting flavor combinations, and artistic food presentation.

“I want our guests to be wowed when we serve them,” Erica said. “I want them to eat with their eyes first. After their first bite, I want them to want more. And then I want them to see that they can do it for themselves at home.”

What is she most looking forward to at Skyterra? Empty plates.

“I love empty plates,” she said. “That’s how I know I did a good job.”

Sleep in Later: New Breakfast Options, Including Breakfast Specials and Sunday Brunch

There’s nothing like a good breakfast to start your day, and we’re making some important improvements to your first meal during your stay. First, we have decided to extend breakfast hours by half an hour, until 9 a.m. We understand you may want to sleep in a little later and an extra 30 minutes could make all of the difference.

Second, we are diversifying the weekly breakfast rotation to offer breakfast specials, a weekly brunch, and continental breakfasts.

We will continue our cook-to-order style breakfast four days a week, with a new breakfast special. If you have visited us before, a similar breakfast menu will be available with the addition of a daily special. The standard cook-to-order mornings will feature the following: two eggs your way, avocado toast, apple-sage turkey sausage, vegan sausage, seasonal fruit, assorted breads, cashew yogurt, Greek yogurt, nut butter, omega-3 seed blend, house granola and the daily special. 

Twice a week, we will be providing a more continental-style breakfast. We will offer a hot egg dish and an oatmeal special these days as well as seasonal fruit, assorted breads, cashew yogurt, Greek yogurt, nut butter, omega-3 seed blend, and house granola. Our culinary team will be there in the mornings to assist with portions and serving to ensure optimal safety standards.

We are also starting a Sunday Brunch! We understand that you may have one morning out of every week or weekend that you really want to sleep in and have a brunch-style meal. The culinary team and chef will create a strolling buffet every Sunday morning, with different brunch specials based on local offerings. Items featured may include the following: french toast casserole, seasonal fruit, green smoothie, broccoli cranberry salad, eggs benedict and more. You will have the opportunity to order what you want on these mornings.

New: Sunday Happy Hour

Starting every Sunday around 3 p.m. the culinary team will hold one culinary demo featuring at least one unique beverage and an appetizer or snack. This provides you a chance to meet the culinary team, socialize with other guests and staff, learn a couple of recipes and feel more at ease as you start your week. If you are staying over, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a snack that can hold you over until dinner starting at 5:30 p.m. 

New: Three-Course Gourmet Meal on Fridays

As if it couldn’t get any better, we are now starting a gourmet three-course meal every Friday evening. Instead of providing one to two courses, we are featuring a more gourmet-style meal. For guests leaving on Saturday or Sunday, this means you won’t miss this special occasion. Similar to the Sunday brunch, the culinary team and Chef will truly make the evening’s menu unique, seasonal and different every week. We promise dessert will be featured as one of the courses. You’re welcome in advance!

Other upgrades include a new three-week menu rotation, changes to culinary demonstrations, a standard to-go breakfast and more. Of course, as we constantly improve, these changes are subject to change.

We truly can't wait for you to meet Erica, and experience these enhancements. See you soon!

-- Written by Lindsay Ford, Dietitian, and Rachael Colacino, Marketing Director