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WorkSmart: Skyterra’s Safe Remote Work Program in the Age of COVID

Prioritizing wellness during the pandemic has been a challenge for all of us. Feelings of isolation, noisy distractions while working from home, and inevitable stress have left so many of us feeling stressed and burned out.

Keeping our guests safe and healthy is always our priority. With that we’ve created our newest product offering: WorkSmart, a remote work opportunity that will keep you safe while allowing you to work and take advantage of our wellness retreat.

Tackle projects virtually while prioritizing your wellness on our newly built campus. Maximize your work productivity remotely while focusing on fitness, nutrition, self-care and stress-management techniques, all from your safe and private lodge. Our small community, wide open spaces and fresh mountain air will do your body and mind good.

The WorkSmart program will help you meet your personal and professional goals, socially distanced from the chaos of everyday life.

Make Work and Life Easier in 2021

COVID has made working remotely the new normal. While working from the comfort of home has many benefits, it can also create a difficult work-life balance.

Restore your balance at Skyterra. Your schedule is custom designed just for you, allowing you to reset on a healthy vacation while also working remotely.

WorkSmart is only available for a limited time -- call now to reserve your spot.

WorkSmart Program Rates

One Week

$3675 per week
  • Begin your wellness journey and see results in just one week with time to take care of yourself, slow down and reset.

Two Weeks
(Most Popular)

$3500 per week
  • Save up to $350
  • For more dramatic results toward reaching your wellness goals, stay at least two weeks for healthy habits that are more likely to become part of your established routine.

Three Weeks+

$3325 per week
  • Savings start at $1050
  • A stay of three weeks or more can provide the most significant benefits for guests who need extra time to relax and recharge.

Included in your rate:

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