Skyterra Embrace: A Wellness Program for Young Women

Embrace adulthood • Build new habits • Improve your health

Skyterra Wellness is an intimate mountain retreat where you can focus on your own health and well-being. Our caring experts help you break old cycles, jump-start new healthy habits, and improve your health.

Embrace adulthood at Skyterra

Skyterra Embrace is our specialized program for young women. This nurturing retreat experience helps young women embrace adulthood with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Embrace combines our five-star wellness program with empowering workshops, seminars and hands-on life skills classes.

Participants engage in all we have to offer: fun and efficient fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, cooking demonstrations, health education, outdoor recreation in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and more. The Embrace experience helps you navigate issues like depression, anxiety, and coping with high-stress situations with school, friends, family, and living on your own.


 Personalized journey

Since no two journeys are alike, each young woman receives support and coaching for her personal goals and circumstances. Individual and group sessions are integrated weekly with daily body movement and education classes. Each week, one to four women will participate ensuring plenty of individual attention. All fitness levels are welcome.

Culinary Retreat

Nourish and flourish

Our view of health and wellness emphasizes managing stress, consistent movement, and eating balanced meals, plus plenty of nature and adventure. Cultivate resiliency by learning the most nourishing and enjoyable ways to cook, eat, move, and take care of yourself. This empowers and prepares you to take on all of life's responsibilities.

Young Women's Wellness Retreat

 Kind, supportive community

You will be surrounded by a kind, supportive community of staff and guests, and you will make friends you will never forget.

Weekly schedule

In addition to the typical weekly program schedule, each week Embrace participants will receive:

  • Personalized, easy-to-follow schedule
  • 30-minute weekly private coaching session with one of Skyterra's health professionals
  • Two additional Embrace Nutrition and Therapy experiences each week
  • Based on personal needs, the Embrace Experience allows guests to customize their private services by selecting two elective options: spa, culinary, fitness or yoga.
  • Sessions may be in a private group if there are other Embrace participants.

A nurturing retreat experience that helps young women thrive

Embrace is a specialized program for young women that focuses on total body, mind and lifestyle. We want our young women to move well, eat nourishing foods, and embrace adulthood with a healthy mind, body and spirit. Embrace participants focus on improving health, and on learning techniques and strategies to improve their quality of life for the long run.

Your Path to Transformation



Before your stay we will call to discuss your personal goals and needs, and create a personalized schedule.

Once you're here, you'll take part in:

  • Health education classes
  • A variety of fun and effective fitness classes
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Chef-prepared, dietitian-approved meals
  • Seasonal outdoor adventures on the trails, lakes and mountains.


Young adult women face a unique set of challenges. Through coaching, hands-on demonstrations, recreational activities, processing opportunities, and educational seminars, we will help you prepare a plan to navigate them all.

  • Learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety
  • Receive coaching through your own Fitness Prescription, so you can establish an exercise plan you can stick to
  • Hands-on culinary instruction, so you can plan, cook and enjoy healthy foods on your own
  • Outdoor Skills for fun and character-building
  • Life Skills education and accountability coaching for your real-world responsibilities and chores.


Worried about staying healthy once you return to everyday life? Our wellness philosophy focuses on improving quality of life over the long term. After all, it's one thing making the right decisions when you are at Skyterra, but it's another thing altogether when you're navigating life!

You can also take the program home with you.

  • Skyterra at Home provides you all of the recipes, videos, and documents you need to keep moving forward.
  • Premium Coaching keeps you in contact with one of our professionals.

Embrace program rates and details

  • OPEN TO ALL YOUNG ADULT WOMEN, from college-age up to late 20s
  • RECOMMENDED STAY: 28 DAYS. There is no upward limit on length of stay.
  • COST: SEASONAL RATE + $500/week. This includes lodging, meals and the entire Skyterra Embrace experience
  • LIMITED CAPACITY so we can provide all of the individual attention you deserve.

Please note: Skyterra is not a medical facility. If you are wondering if the Embrace program is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

You deserve to feel better. Embrace your best life.

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