The Skyterra Natatorium

Estimated completion: 2022

Construction Progress:

Construction of the Skyterra Natatorium began in late 2020, right after the opening of Skyterra’s Le Parc campus. Located adjacent to the main building, the complex will house a sauna and hot tub, and will be open year-round.

June 2022 update: We are almost at the finish line! All interior/exterior finishes, sidewalks and parking areas complete. The space just looks great. We are waiting on our final pool plaster. This is a big project, and we have had challenges with material sourcing along the way, but we are really looking forward to having guests enjoy our hard work soon.

January 2022 update: the building is water-tight, with the roofing, siding, windows and doors installed. The infrastructure for the plumbing, mechanical and electrical is complete. Insulation will be added this month; drywall and tile work is in progress.

September 2021 update: the complex is coming together -- including the pool tile.

May 2021 update: plumbing work continues as the metal building frame is constructed.

April 2021 update: the footing has been completed and plumbing is currently in progress.

March 2021 update: the layout and groundwork have been completed.

Natatorium Features:

  • Indoor pool with large windows that open wide in the warmer weather
  • Lap-swimming lane
  • Designed to accommodate all kinds of pool fitness and games
  • Year-round use
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Landscaped terrace looking at the mountain views
  • Sauna.

June 2022 Photos:

January 2022 Photos:

Inside Rendering Photos:

Outside Rendering Photos:

Adding the Skyterra Natatorium to our wellness retreat opens a door of opportunity for guests to improve their health in ways that our fitness spaces cannot. The pool will provide options for guests with arthritis or sore joints to participate in low-impact exercise, putting less pressure on muscles and joints. We’re excited to have the pool open for year-round exercise and relaxation.

--Sue Crowell, Owner and Founder of Skyterra

Skyterra guests will enjoy the added benefits of the Skyterra Natatorium. From relieving stress, improving flexibility, and speeding up recovery, to providing a great core workout and boosting heart health, the pool will offer something great for everyone, no matter your fitness level or experience.

While the new building has scale it also has an impressive aesthetic that will only enhance the overall compound. Once completed, I feel it will be the keynote speaker of the hill, and make an amazing first statement about the development from afar.

-- Andrew A. Willett, Architect, PA

The following aquatics classes and more will be offered at the Skyterra Natatorium:

  • Aqua Cardio -- interval training with added resistance from the water
  • Aqua Circuit -- mix of cardio and strength exercises using floats and weights to help build muscle tone and stamina
  • Aqua Strong -- resistance training using aqua dumbbells and bodyweight strength exercises
  • Aqua Yoga -- explore land-based yoga postures modified for the water.

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