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Nurturing Yourself and the Earth: What Compost Has To Do With Wellness

As we engage in the science of compost, we discover not only a practical solution for reducing our carbon footprint but also a source of wellness for the mind and soul. From reducing eco-anxiety to fostering a deeper connection to the world, composting becomes a catalyst for positive change. The options are diverse, the benefits are profound, and the call to action is clear—let’s embrace composting as a path to personal and planetary wellness.


Engaging the Senses: Gardens as Sanctuaries for Stress Relief

A garden is a place of solace, offering serenity and healing for the mind and spirit. Its natural beauty and calming ambiance can provide the perfect setting for anxiety relief. In removing the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we can focus on the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the natural world to promote greater relaxation and overall wellness.


The Transformative Power of Cold Therapy

In the heart of winter, as the air turns crisp and the lakes freeze over, an ancient practice is gaining modern attention: cold therapy. At Skyterra Wellness Retreat, we believe in embracing nature’s elements for holistic health, and cold therapy offers a unique blend of physical and mental benefits that align with our philosophy. Inspired…


The Skyterra Approach to Weight Loss

Skyterra Wellness takes a unique and holistic approach to weight loss, informed by the latest medical and scientific research.The team at Skyterra, led by Dr. Teresa Campanile, MD, focuses on the unique needs of each guest, not just the physical aspect of losing weight. One key component of the Skyterra approach is Dr. Campanile’s approach…

Gardening with guests

Five Incredible Ways This Hobby Will Improve Your Life

Once a staple of every backyard and small farm, from which the entire family grew their food for the year, gardening is no longer an essential staple of our lives. Despite its relegation from necessity to hobby, gardening has increasingly gained recognition for its numerous benefits on both mental and physical well-being. The act of…


How to Finally Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Every time we set a new goal — and preferably a small goal — it gives us a chance to build confidence and belief that a new normal is possible.


Your New Year’s Resolution: How to Reset Yourself in 2024

The new year’s resolution momentum is tangible. We are fully immersed in the holiday season. The bustle is ever apparent, and we are counting down to a brand new year and a brand new decade.  It’s almost here (and we can’t believe it.) 2024.  The new year offers us a new slate, a new start,…


Navigating the Waves of Grief: Understanding and Overcoming Common Myths

At Skyterra, we recognize the profound impact grief can have on an individual’s life. We are dedicated to providing a supportive and understanding environment for those grappling with the complexities of loss. Our aim is to offer a safe space where individuals can process their grief and work towards building mental well-being.   The Nature…

Triangle of Change

Skyterra’s Top Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Every year around Jan. 1, more than 50 percent of people resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, live healthier, save money, stop drinking and move up in their career, among other goals. And yet, most research tells us that up to 80 percent of those New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned sometime in the month…

certified pollinator garden plaque in Skyterra Wellness

The Buzz about Pollinator Gardens: Skyterra’s Flourishing Habitat and Beyond

In the intricate dance of nature, pollinators give us food security, ensure the survival of countless plant species, and support our local biodiversity. Knowing the crucial role these pollinators play, what can we do as individuals to create safe havens for these vital insects?  Let’s explore the importance of native plants and pollinators, and dive…