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How to Navigate Holiday Eating Without Turning into Scrooge

‘Tis the season for food, family, friends and celebrations. It’s also the season for holiday cheer, extravagant parties, endless snacks, cocktails galore and gift tins full of treats. Many of us feel stressed at this time of year, finding it difficult to navigate copious amounts of food while trying to improve our health. Additionally, some…

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Why a Wellness Retreat is the Ideal Choice for Holiday Travel

Learn how a winter wellness retreat can be the perfect option for your holiday travel.


Diving Deeper into Wellness Through Pool Fitness

If the weather allows (or if you’re lucky enough to have access to an indoor pool like ours at Skyterra), spending time in water can be a positive addition to your wellness practice, leading to many health benefits. Physical benefits include improved heart health, alleviation of pain, weight loss, as well as mental and emotional…


Winter Outdoor Adventures in Western North Carolina

In many parts of the country, winter can cause some serious cabin fever. But not here at Skyterra! When many of us think about winter here in the mountains of western North Carolina, it may be difficult to imagine lacing up your hiking boots or reaching for your archery gear and getting outside. Our first…


Top Three Things to Look for When Booking Your Solo Travel

Solo travel may be the best way to experience a wellness vacation. For those looking to find their path and conduct some self-care in their time away, traveling alone may be just the ticket. Add to that the intentional nature and personalized services offered at wellness retreats, and it may just be the perfect destination…


10 Secret Strategies to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are coming. Just as you are getting through Halloween and all those bags of candy sitting around, the holiday treats start rolling in. If you work in an office you will likely be overstimulated by all the holiday goodies showing up in a few weeks. Every store we walk enter this time of…

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Three Ways to Get Active in the Pool (Lap Swimming Not Included!)

As the seasons change, many of us are looking for fun and unique ways to spice up our typical fitness routines. What better way to make a splash than by taking to the pool and giving aqua fitness a try?  Most people think of lap swimming when it comes to incorporating a pool into their…

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Seven Questions About Physical Therapy, Answered

Physical therapists are movement experts. Not only do they help individuals reduce pain, but they actively improve and restore mobility and help people stay active throughout their lifespans. Physical therapy is an excellent way to achieve both your recovery and health and fitness goals. Despite remarkable results from physical therapy on a regular basis, physical…


LoseSmart: A Community Within a Community

There is nothing more personal than health-related goals. Guests enrolled in Skyterra’s LoseSmart program receive comprehensive support for achieving and maintaining their goals not only from staff, but also from other program participants. Part of that support includes a safe and encouraging environment where inspiration and motivation occur organically in the small group of like-minded…


LoseSmart: Guests Receive Expert Coaching in Private Sessions

Every LoseSmart guest is on a unique journey deserving personalized attention and care. Meeting those needs is the top priority of Skyterra’s expert staff.  LoseSmart, a four-week program for sustainable weight loss where people of all shapes and sizes embrace new ways to be fit and healthy, is limited to a small group of participants…