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LoseSmart guest on a hike

How to Find the Right Weight Loss Camp for You

Weight loss camps and retreats are quickly becoming a popular option for those looking to reset, lose weight, and improve their quality of life. Whether you’re simply looking to cultivate a more health-focused lifestyle or you’re hoping to lose a more significant amount of weight, it can be to your benefit to leave your regular…

Pickleball at Skyterra

Three Reasons Why Pickleball is Everyone’s New Favorite Sport

Pickleball is the Skyterra sport of the season. Despite being created in 1965 with rules officially codified in 1984, pickleball has recently been pegged as the fastest growing sport in the United States. It also happens to be the fastest growing sport at Skyterra!  In 2020, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association reported 21.3 percent…

The Real Truth Behind Fat Camps and Why They Don’t Work

Losing weight is hard. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or just a few extra, dieting takes a toll on your body and mind when food feels like the enemy and your body feels like a battleground.  Your goals are healthy living and healthy eating, but it seems difficult to find long-term success. Maybe…

Older woman doing yoga outside

Why Is It So Hard to Lose Weight After Menopause?

Menopause means different things for different women. Some are thankful to be done with the reproductive stage of their lives, while others think the onset of menopause is the beginning of the end. The end of what, though? Menopause is a time of significant physical, emotional, and psychological change, and it’s important to understand what’s…

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How to Find the Right Weight Loss Retreat for You

In theory, losing weight is clear cut and simple: all we have to do is move our bodies, eat our vegetables, and manage our stress. But in reality, the weight loss journey can come with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional challenges that make things more complex and not nearly as straightforward as a…


Three things to look for when booking your solo travel

Solo travel may be the best way to experience a wellness vacation. Hikes at Skyterra are inclusive activities. For those looking to find their path and conduct some self-care in their time away, traveling alone may be just the ticket. Add to that the intentional nature and personalized services offered at wellness retreats, and it…

Triangle of Change

Change is a Process, Not an Event: Three Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Every year around Jan. 1, more than 50 percent of people resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, live healthier, save money, stop drinking and move up in their career, among other goals. And yet, most research tells us that up to 80 percent of those New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned sometime in the month…

Holiday meal

Eight Ways to Prevent and Alleviate Holiday Stress

Self-care is so important during the holidays. The busier you are, the more important it is to take care of yourself! These tips will help you battle holiday stress and stay calm and collected when it matters most.


Winter outdoor adventures in WNC

For much of our country, winter causes cabin fever. But not here at Skyterra. When many of us think about winter here in the mountains of western North Carolina, it may be difficult to imagine lacing up your hiking boots or reaching for your archery gear and getting outside. Our first thoughts drift to arctic…

Nine Things Nine Perfect Strangers Gets Wrong About Wellness Retreats

Nine Things “Nine Perfect Strangers” Gets Wrong About Wellness Retreats

Have you seen the new Hulu Original drama that everyone’s buzzing about? Based on The New York Times‘ bestselling book by author Liane Moriarty, Nine Perfect Strangers takes place at Tranquillum, an award-winning wellness retreat that promises healing and transformation. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t worry; we won’t spoil it too much. When…