Personalized Physician Consultations

Tailored Plans for Lifelong Wellness

Unlock Your Best Self: Physician Services at Skyterra Wellness

Dr. Teresa Campanile utilizes her extensive knowledge and experience to tailor wellness programs that not only address the immediate health concerns of our guests but also lay down a foundation for sustainable health and well-being. Understanding that each guest arrives at Skyterra with a unique set of health challenges and goals, she takes the time to conduct thorough consultations, diving deep into personal health histories, lifestyle factors and wellness aspirations. We are pleased to make her services available to Skyterra guests.

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation: $875

Take a deeper look at your health. This package is for guests who desire close physician partnership, diagnostic testing, regular followup and monitoring, and/or prescription management during their stay. Includes:

  • Review of all provided past medical records and labs
  • 60-minute appointment and up to three follow up appointments
  • Medical care available select days during normal business hours while at Skyterra
  • Access to medical portal to communicate with physician
  • Weight loss medical support if desired
  • Diagnostic ordering services (blood work, salivary/urine hormone testing)*
  • Prescription management* and supplement- and herb-ordering service*
  • 10 percent off injections and/or infusions
  • 15-minute wrap-up call prior to your departure
  • Customized letter to your primary care physician outlining your personalized care plan, and suggestions for further investigations.

*The cost of supplements/herbs, prescription medications and diagnostic testing is not included. You may be able to file these through your insurance or use your HSA/FSA to pay for part or all of these.

Concierge Medical Care Offerings

Advanced Nutrient Therapies: IV INFUSIONS

Choose to jumpstart your wellness with parenteral nutrition. Highly effective, high-dose therapies (45-90 minutes). Offered Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Skyterra Infusion Suite.

Medical Myers Cocktail $175

B-complex & B12 | B5 | B6 | Vitamin C | Minerals

Considered the gold standard for supporting general health with IV nutrients, this time-honored combination of nutrients is designed to support a wide range of health benefits including improved energy levels, reduced inflammation, immune system and stress support, migraine/headache relief, allergy and asthma support, and promotion of bone, nervous, muscular and/or cardiovascular health.

Metabolic enhancer $225

MICC | Tri-Amino | Biotin | Vitamin C | Glutathione | B-Complex & B12 | Minerals

This combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids support healthy metabolism and weight loss by targeting fatty deposits and reducing fat masses and lowering the hunger hormone leptin.

Recovery & Performance $245

Tri-Amino | L-Carnitine | Taurine | Glutathione | Vit C | B-Complex & B12 | Minerals

Promotes physical strength, cardiovascular health and endurance. Helps regulate sleep, mood, and appetite cycles. Decreases recovery time & boosts muscle repair.

Vitality $275

Biotin | High dose Vitamin C | High dose Glutathione | B-Complex & B12 | Tri-Amino

Packed with high dose vitamins and potent antioxidants to fight free radicals and support healthy collagen formation for skin, hair, and nails to promote a youthful and glowing appearance and enhance overall vitality.

Anxiety Relief $175

Magnesium | Taurine | Hydroxizine | B6

Alleviate tension and stress rapidly with this calming cocktail of nervines.

IV add-ons:

Glutathione $45 (antioxidant)

High dose Vit C $75 (antioxidant)

MICC $55 (weight loss)

Biotin $40 (skin/hair/nail tissue, liver/detox)

Taurine $35 (muscle/energy, mood/relaxation, liver/detox)

B5 Dexpanthenol $35 (liver, cholesterol, adrenal support)

B6 Pyridoxine $35 (brain, nerves, mood)

Magnesium $25 (relaxation/sleep, muscle cramps/spasms, cardiovascular health)


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Introducing Dr. Campanile: Enhancing Your Wellness Journey with Internal and Integrative Medicine

Who is Dr. Campanile?

Dr. Teresa Campanile, MD, ABIM, ABIHM, ACAM, offers her extensive expertise in both mainstream allopathic and alternative medical therapies. With dual board certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Campanile has over a decade of experience in integrating these diverse medical disciplines.

Her professional journey spans more than 13 years, encompassing a wide range of roles from providing care in high-acuity settings like inpatient acute care to outpatient primary care, integrative medicine and specialty units.

Beyond her standard medical training, Dr. Campanile is also certified in several advanced therapeutic techniques, such as intravenous nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and chelation therapy. This diverse array of skills enables her to offer a comprehensive range of treatment options tailored to her patient’s individual needs.

Dr. T from Skyterra Wellness pictures outside

Known for her patient-centered approach, Dr. Campanile is dedicated to empowering her patients, ensuring they have the knowledge and agency necessary to achieve positive health outcomes.

Since relocating to Weaverville, N.C. in January 2018, she has become a vital part of the local healthcare community, committed to delivering quality, outcome-driven care.

Dr. Campanile provides an enhanced level of support and we are pleased to make her services available to our guests. She believes in close physician partnership, especially during times of intensive health initiatives. To that end, her consultations are personalized and meaningful, and are designed to give actionable guidance to guests that they take on during and after their stay at Skyterra.

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