Avery Campbell

Marketing Specialist

Avery loves being able to connect with guests past, present and future to showcase Skyterra across various media platforms in ways that are collaborative, helpful and real. Avery’s experience in social media marketing began at Be Well Indy, and branched out to several other businesses and organizations in the surrounding Indianapolis area. Now she’s committed to bridging the gap between you, wherever you are in the world, and all the life-changing things we’re up to at Skyterra and Skyterra Embrace.

Avery knew she wanted to obtain her bachelor’s degree in exercise science after spending more than 15 years as a ballet dancer and falling in love with strengthening the body and mind through movement. As the former Fitness Specialist with Skyterra Embrace, Avery loves spending her time coaching fitness, exploring the beautiful western North Carolina, and FaceTime-ing friends and family back home in Indiana. It’s easy for her to love promoting what she’s most passionate about.

Avery Says: “The impact I feel I have the capacity to make on the health and happiness of our community is what drives me to show up to work as my best self every day. Witnessing our guests make incredible strides on a regular basis during their time at Skyterra is not only rewarding, but a constant reminder that I am right where I need to be.”