LoseSmart: Skyterra’s Four-Week Weight Loss Program

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Losing weight shouldn’t take up all your time and energy

Feeling overweight isn't fun


You deserve to be happy with your appearance

Your body was meant for more

  • Are you tired of gaining weight?
  • Have you stopped taking care of yourself?
  • Are you sick of feeling like a failure?
  • Are you anxious around food?

Keep it simple and lose the weight forever by joining LoseSmart


13+ hours of coaching sessions

It can be hard to share deep struggles. That's why we offer additional LoseSmart fitness and nutrition coaching sessions every week. You'll receive the personalized attention and care you deserve.


Continued progress with a home plan

When it comes to your health, it's easy to take one step forward and two steps back. At Skyterra we teach you not only how to exchange destructive dieting habits for healthier ones, but also how to sustain your weight loss progress when you get home.


Get the tools to change your life

Engage in expert-led educational classes and workshops that focus on replacing destructive dieting behaviors with healthy weight-loss strategies.

Dr. T from Skyterra Wellness pictures outside

Physician-supported weight loss program

At Skyterra Wellness, Dr. Teresa Campanile plays a pivotal role in enhancing the weight loss journey of each LoseSmart guest. Dr. Campanile specializes in understanding individual health conditions and can tailor treatment and weight loss plans that align with each guest's unique needs. This integrated approach allows guests receive a customized wellness experience, setting them on a long-term, sustainable path to health and well-being.

We understand what it feels like to be overweight.
At Skyterra, we believe you deserve to be comfortable in your body.

Vickie's Experience: From using a cane to completing a 5k

Find out how LoseSmart guest Vickie changed her life during her Skyterra stay. After arriving at Skyterra using a cane, she left with increased strength, mobility and endurance, and even finished a 5k.

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How Vickie Arrived at Skyterra Using a Cane and Finished a 5k on her Last Day

Find out how LoseSmart guest Vickie changed her life during her Skyterra stay. After arriving at Skyterra using a cane, she left with increased strength, mobility and endurance, and even finished a 5k. To anyone considering LoseSmart, she advises: “You’ve got this. There’s a place for you here.”

Move, eat and live smartly for long-term health benefits

The LoseSmart approach to weight loss focuses on your total body and lifestyle. We want you to move well, eat nourishing foods, and enjoy yourself not only while you're here, but long after you depart. If your goal is to lose weight, we help you to accomplish it in a way that is effective and sustainable. With LoseSmart, you will focus on changing the composition of your body through fat loss, which is the key to long-term weight control.

We are not a so-called fat camp. We will not force you to undereat and overexercise so that you lose weight as quickly as possible. Instead, we take a holistic approach to weight loss. You’ll focus on improving your health and long-term exercise habits. You’ll learn techniques and strategies to help you lose weight safely and effectively, in a way that improves your quality of life and honors your mind and body. All in the name of sustainable healthy living.

When we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves, we can make unhealthy choices.

With nearly half of Americans on a diet, people are struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Through our LoseSmart program, you'll finally lose weight and keep it off, and change your life for good in the process.

At Skyterra we know that you want to be fit and healthy. In order to do that, you need to lose weight. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself, it can make you feel like a failure. We believe losing weight shouldn’t take up all of your time and energy. We understand what it’s like to feel overweight which is why we’ve compiled an expert team of certified and caring staff who specialize in weight loss.

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