A transformative culinary experience

Discover how delicious food can make you feel better

Your culinary experience at Skyterra is designed with two goals in mind:

  • To provide you with delicious, nutrient-dense meals during your stay
  • To show you how eating well can improve your health.

During your stay, our culinary staff nourishes and pampers, serving you fresh, seasonal and local cuisine. No deprivation. No restriction. Just delicious, structured, balanced meals, where we take care of the work and you enjoy the food.

Built into every meal at Skyterra is time to slow down so you can savor every bite without rushing.

Eating healthy does not mean restricting or limiting your food

Everyday eating is not one-size-fits-all. Three times a day, 365 days a year, our chefs serve wholesome, nutritious meals that are beautiful, delicious and satisfying. Skyterra’s signature culinary services include the following every week:

  • Nutrition support:

    Vegetarian? Peanut allergy? Gluten-free? We accommodate all needs and requests. Type II Diabetes specialists are available. We request your dietary needs well in advance, so you can feel safe and prepared.

  • Post-stay nutrition assistance:

    After your stay at Skyterra, access signature recipes and educational videos to continue your nutrition transformation.

  • Support from staff:

    We're way more than a restaurant. Our culinary team remains in tune with your needs throughout your stay, ensuring you're enjoying your meals and feeling energized and satisfied.

Eating and cooking should be enjoyable

We hear from so many guests who are confused, overwhelmed and stressed about what to eat. They can't find the energy to figure out which meals they should prepare and lack motivation to put time into cooking.

We believe that everyone should be able to take time to slow down, enjoy food and feel confident in the kitchen. Eating and cooking shouldn’t feel stressful, and understanding what to eat shouldn’t be confusing.

The Skyterra Personal Chefs

That’s where we come in. During your stay at Skyterra you’ll learn how to plan for meals that meet your nutritional needs and schedule, how to be confident in the kitchen, and how to find the time and motivation to cook delicious foods that actually make you feel better.

365 days a year, our chefs create restaurant-quality, delicious, dietitian-approved meals, where seasonal, local, and organic ingredients from our Skyterra gardens take center stage. All dietary needs and preferences are accommodated. Since good food is a thing to be shared, meals are enjoyed community-style. We'll even teach you how to recreate healthy meals at home in our demonstration kitchen.

Delicious food isn’t all we do. During your stay you’ll learn how to prepare easy and satisfying recipes. You’ll pick up simple meal ideas and receive nutrition education surrounding weight management and emotional eating. Guests with allergies and intolerances, rest easy. Our registered dietitians and culinary team collaborate regularly to ensure safety for all guests.

Leave with a doable nutrition plan for home

At the end of your stay you’ll leave Skyterra with the tools you need to feel better optimize your health. You'll feel more confident about how healthy food can be delicious. You'll learn how to improve blood pressure and blood sugar regulation, how to feel better eating nutrient-dense foods, and how to set up mealtimes for success. You’ll be empowered knowing not only what to do -- but how to make your nutrition work best for you so you feel stronger and more confident in your body.

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