Connect to nature and yourself with fun and adventure

Let us be your guide through the Western North Carolina splendor

Your connection to nature is the foundation of your stay at Skyterra. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, you’ll be free to unplug and reconnect with the outdoors.

You have a natural instinct toward playful recreation and outdoor activities. After all, adventure helps you thrive – it brings excitement, a closeness nature, and can show you of how much you’re capable.

At Skyterra, our approach to wellness always includes an element of adventure. Whether you choose to soak in the natural beauty that surrounds us or join us for guided adventures, you’ll be immersed in the soul-healing natural world.

Adventures for everyone: we’ll meet you wherever you are

We believe movement should be fun. During your stay at Skyterra you’ll be invited to find your next adventure, all under the guidance of our experts. We also offer weekly field trips and excursions.  Private sessions are available, and weekly choices include:

  • Hiking

    From short, easy walks in the woods to more challenging adventures, waterfalls and mountain views await

  • Fly fishing

    A favorite here in WNC, learn why fly fishing has become America's favorite growing pastime 

  • Archery

    Join us for target practice and learn why recurve archery, an Olympic sport, can also be fun for everyone

  • Horseback riding

    Make your way through a variety of private trails on horseback. Suitable for beginner through advanced riders.

  • Bird watching

    Explore the meadow and riparian ecosystems of the Skyterra campus with a professional birder. Walking tour; golf cart transportation available upon request.

  • Kayaking

    Explore the peaceful section of the French Broad River Watershed, perfect for brand new to seasoned paddlers 

  • Tubing

    Cool off and slow down with tubing excursions on the scenic French Broad River

  • Stand-up paddleboarding

    A unique way to explore our mountain lakes. From beginners to experts, take control and learn how to paddle.

  • Nature education

    As one of only two temperate rainforests in the United States, learn about our plant life, mountains and river structures

  • Gardening

    Dirt makes you happier! Learn how to cultivate your own garden.

Let us guide you

New experiences and adventures push self-perceived limitations, build confidence and show you that exercise doesn’t have to be boring. We hear from so many guests who are unsure of how to explore the outdoor world and intimidated by the unknown. They feel left out and wish they’d developed recreation experiences when they were younger.

At Skyterra, we know that adventure is for everyone. New skills can always be learned. You are never incapable of learning a new hobby, and it’s never too late to try something new.

Wellness means lifelong adventure

Our entire program supports a holistic view of wellness that helps you stay ready and resilient. Through fitness, you'll learn ways to stay strong, mobile and injury-free, so you're always ready to tackle the adventures that bring you the most joy.

During meals, our culinary team creates nourishing food that’s designed to not only taste delicious, but provide the energy you need to stay active. During our recreation outings, you’ll learn the skills of adventure.

We aim to connect you with the outdoors during your stay so you’ll leave Skyterra balanced, mindful, and enlightened with a drive to continue exploring and adventuring.

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