Deck of Cards Travel Workout

The object of the game is to conquer all of the cards in the deck within a reasonable amount of time. If you are short on time, cut the deck in half or complete as many as you can within your allotted time. You can also invite spouses, significant others, family members, business peers or friends to join you.

Start with deck face down. Pick one card at a time, turn face up and complete the exercise specific to that particular card. Once completed, discard and draw another card. Complete and repeat.

For each suite card, an energizing callisthenic exercise is provided. (See movement list below). The repetitions of that exercise are determined by the value of the card. In regards to face card values, Jack=11, Queen=12, and King=13. Ace cards have a value of 14. And the number cards will parallel their true face value (ex. 7 of spades = 7 reps of the specific spade exercise). Jokers will be deemed wild cards, so you can either choose one of the suites correlated movements or you can create a new movement specific to joker. Some great movement ideas for the joker cards include running in place, high knees, stair climbing, burpees, etc.

Remember to move fast, safely and efficiently but most importantly-have fun!


Suite Card Movement list:

Hearts: Push-ups.
Beginners: perform on knees.
Advanced: clap between each.

Clubs: Mountain Climbers.
Beginners: low plank hold.

Diamonds: Jumping Jacks.
Beginners: low impact jumping jack.

Spades: Squats.
Beginners: sit in a chair followed by standing. Try to not use your hands. Initiate the stand with weight powered by the heels. Repeat.
Advanced: squat thrusts.