Fitness in 5 Minutes or Less

Part One

We know you’re busy. Whether it’s work, school, or taking care of your family, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on you. That’s why we’ve created our 5-Minutes or Less Outdoor Fitness Series. Each workout will feature a multi-level and scalable option. So, regardless if this is your first foray into a fitness routine or you’re a seasoned athlete, these short workouts are sure to get the blood pumping.

Watch three and four-year-olds stroll around the floor and pay attention to their mechanics. Is it effortless for them to drop down below ninety degrees and sit down in a squat? Of course, we all had that ability at one time, but the evolution of your movement happened. You got into a chair, started wearing high-heeled shoes and stopped moving consistently. Things changes.

Besides mobility work, the best way to get back to a proper squat is beginning to do it. Implementing the squat strengthens the front of your legs, back of your legs and also activates the core. Currently, if you can sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, then you know how to do a squat. The trouble is how to stabilize yourself as you move thru the position. Weight should remain in the heels, and your knees should drive out from the beginning. You want to make sure that your torso stays upright and that you sit back so that you don’t upset the knees. Depth (how low you go) is very personal and is trumped by your ability to maintain a neutral lumbar spine (lower back).

Master the squat by setting up on a fifteen-inch box. This will help you position your feet in the proper setup and allow you to sit your hips back and down to a safe depth.

4 Rounds of:

  • 30 Seconds of Body Weight Squats (Choose Level 1, 2, or 3)
  • 30 Seconds of Rest
  • 30 Seconds of Jump Rope (Choose Level 1, 2, or 3)
  • 30 Seconds of Rest

Fitness in 5 Minutes or Less Video