Great Workouts While Traveling

If you’re someone who travels for work, it can be very difficult to get into a consistent fitness routine. Never let time or equipment limit you. For most people starting an exercise program, the perfect and safest place to begin is functional body weight exercises that wake up and develop proper range of motion. This makes your routine very adaptable, even if you have to be cooped up in hotels week after week.

The best workout routine is the one that’s safe, fun and fits your lifestyle. It must be adaptable to the tools you have at hand and never allow your body to get use to the same stimulus so that you continue to progress (constant variance). The positive about traveling is that you’ll naturally have to get creative and change up your workout schedule each week. All it takes is sitting down and planning out your workouts on a weekly basis versus monthly. Doable right? You have to prioritize it. Creating structure amongst a changing travel schedule is key.

Basic body weight movements will leave you amazed by their difficulty especially if you’re not adapted to this style of training or just getting back into a routine. What makes or breaks travel workouts or body weight only workouts are the chosen combinations and the sequences of the exercises. Workouts should be designed with good reason and have a defined purpose. It’s not just about slapping exercises randomly together. Here are a few to get you started (no equipment needed) along with each purpose and time needed to execute.


Workout A
Perform 15 lunges alternating legs, 15 burpees, then 12 lunges, 12 burpees changing between the two movements all the way down to 3 repetitions.

15 – 12– 9 – 6 – 3

Purpose: This workout focuses on developing cardio respiratory endurance along with your glutes, core and hamstrings. The design is for it to take the individual less than 10 minutes and to be performed with no rest periods.


Workout B
Run walk 400m on a treadmill or substitute 2 minutes of run/walking outside then immediately execute 21 full range of motion sit-ups. You will then repeat for 3 additional rounds.

4 rounds each for time of:
400m Run/Walk
21 Sit-ups

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Purpose: This workout focuses on developing cardio respiratory endurance along with core and posture development using a metabolic conditioning and gymnastic exercise. The design is for it to take the individual less than 15 minutes and to be performed with rest periods so that the individual can recover and try to maintain their paces.


Workout C
Start with the push-ups and complete all the repetitions of each movement. 4 repetitions of the mountain climbers and flutter kicks count as 1 repetition.

4 rounds for time of:
5 Push-ups
10 4-Count Mountain Climbers
15 Squats
20 4-Count Flutter Kicks
Rest as needed between rounds

Purpose: This is a full body routine designed to hit all your major muscle groups if your travels lead you to only having one day to workout. The four movements focus on cardio-respiratory endurance, upper body, lower body and core development. It is designed to be take less than 15 minutes to execute.



*Before executing any of these workouts please reference our movement library and learn the proper technique. Additionally, you should emphasize a proper warm up focused on dynamic mobility exercises for at least ten minutes.