Quality Matters: Why We Use Woodway Treadmills and Other Top Equipment at Skyterra

men running on woodway treadmills

Anyone can fill a gym with cool looking exercise machines.  That doesn’t mean those machines are the best ones for helping you get fit while remaining injury-free.  One of the most important pieces of equipment is the treadmill – too much impact and you can end up with injuries that sideline you.  That’s me on the left in the photo of our treadmills.  I run marathons and triathlons. If I am not running outside, the only treadmill I use is a Woodway. Here’s why.

Why We Use Woodways

Once you step foot onto a Woodway, you’ll never want to use a different treadmill again. Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone focused on getting into shape this machines surface is superior to anything on the market. We made the decision to use Woodways for three reasons.

The Slat Belt Surface

When you run or walk on typical treadmills you seem to feel every single step. The constant pounding and impact when you get to full pace is always annoying and becomes monotonous. Wooday’s ball-bearing transportation system gives an entirely different feel. Step after step the softness of the belt motivates you to keep moving forward during your workout. Not only does it feel great, but you’re reducing impact on your joints by running on the softer surface. Couple this with excellent walking or running mechanics and you’re well on your way to remaining injury free. Safety is number one at Skyterra.

Durability and Ease of Use

The saying goes you get what you pay for. So why purchase high-end commercial grade treadmills only to replace them after a few years? Woodways are truly built for the long run or walk in most of our cases. The surface is proven to last 150,000 miles without issue and the maintenance requirements are minimal.

Elevate, our signature treadmill cardio class at Skyterra, requires us to adjust inclines and speeds quickly, which is easily done with the bold and vast number of displays on the Woodway. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find a button when you’re in the middle of an intense exercise class. This treadmill allows you to listen to our fitness professionals and keep up with your workout.

Sound Comparison

Typical treadmills are loud and clunky. Line up ten of them in a row and you’ll barely hear the person next to you. With the Woodway you’re able to blast music and barely notice the sound of the steps you’re taking. It’s so minimal you won’t believe it. When you stay with us at Skyterra your music will be clear and you’ll be able to zone out on the treadmill like never before. Check out the video on the Woodway website to see the difference!

We don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that the fitness team at Skyterra focused on every detail when creating this amazing fitness retreat.  Our goal is to focus on sustainable fitness, and fitness is best sustained when the equipment and tools you use allow you to work out safely.