How to Finally Lose the Fat

Many guests come to Skyterra to figure out how to finally lose the fat. They have been trapped in the cycle of yo-yo dieting, some dropping large amounts of weight in a short period of time just to gain it all back (plus more). The four-week LoseSmart program has been the way for guests to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss. On average, LoseSmart guests achieve 3.78 percent body fat lost and 12.52 pounds of fat lost. Guests do not do anything extreme during their stay at Skyterra. They rest, take advantage of our spa offerings and eat delicious meals. 

In LoseSmart, the guests with the most sustainable results followed the following three consistent routines.

How can I have a consistent eating routine?

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with one to three snacks throughout the day. Make sure that your meals are balanced. Many people do not eat breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you are missing a lot of the nutrients your body needs throughout the day and you are also more likely to overeat at night. If you eat breakfast, you are more likely to have the nutrients your body needs to operate and function better, and you are more likely to feel better, have more energy, and your blood sugar is in better regulation so your metabolism can slow down. Ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, naturally increases every four to five hours. A consistent eating routine manages ghrelin.

There are many reasons why you may struggle to have a consistent eating routine. Some examples include a lack of planning or structure, lack of time, job responsibilities, stress and COVID-19, all which can cause the inclination to order takeout. In order to create more consistency around your eating, see what your typical day looks like and give yourself a one to two hour time range to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For example, you should eat breakfast within the first two hours of waking, lunch could be between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, and dinner between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm. If you know of a seven hour period during the day where you are not able to eat a meal, plan to have at least one snack. If you get home after a seven hour period of not eating, you will end up having dinner before dinner. It is also important to know what foods will serve your body well for meals and snacks. After practicing a consistent eating routine for a while, it will become habitual. 

How can I incorporate consistent movement into my day?

Many people think that weight loss is all about exercise. Weight loss is not necessarily about exercise. It is more about movement. Instead of going on an hour-long morning run then going home and laying on the couch all day, try to incorporate movement throughout the day. Park further away from the grocery store or the office, take the dog on more walks, take a few breaks during the workday to go on 10-15 minute walks. These non-exercise activities can really add up when they’re done throughout the day. The way to create healthy expenditure and not lose muscle is by doing low-intensity activities throughout the day.

How are consistent sleep and weight loss related?

Sleep can stand in the way of fat loss. Good sleep encourages consistent movement and consistent eating. Lack of sleep discourages consistent movement and consistent eating, and also hinders motivation. Most people do not recognize that consistent sleep is important for weight loss. Hormonally, your body will lose more fat when you are getting enough sleep. People also do not focus on the consistent timing of sleep. After practicing a while, consistent timing and amount of sleep will become habitual.

It is important to factor in transition time for when you are going to try to go to sleep. In order to do this, you have to look at your schedule and figure out when you are going to turn off your work time and turn on your self-care time before going to sleep. In order to prioritize consistent sleep, you have to have a plan and stick to it. Typically, the plan includes a hot shower or bath, time away from screens and doing things that are relaxing and calming. 

Finally losing the fat is all about consistency and planning. The majority of people who have a weight loss goal or are wanting to lose fat are missing this kind of structure. Skyterra’s LoseSmart program is a great place to implement consistency in these three vital areas. To learn more about LoseSmart, click here.