LoseSmart: Guests Receive Expert Coaching in Private Sessions

Every LoseSmart guest is on a unique journey deserving personalized attention and care. Meeting those needs is the top priority of Skyterra’s expert staff.  LoseSmart, a four-week program for sustainable weight loss where people of all shapes and sizes embrace new ways to be fit and healthy, is limited to a small group of participants…

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LoseSmart: Benchmarking Reveals Exciting Improvements

In Skyterra’s highly effective LoseSmart program, ‘we meet you where you are’ is more than a simple phrase; it’s a promise. LoseSmart guests arrive at Skyterra with varying abilities, and through modified exercises and specialized equipment, Skyterra’s experienced fitness instructors meet guests where they are.  In order to understand guests’ starting points and goals for…

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LoseSmart: ‘Game-Changing’ Nutrition Education

culinary demo

LoseSmart guests arrive at Skyterra with varying past nutrition education. Some guests are anxious about eating and others have practiced destructive dieting behaviors for decades. A recent LoseSmart guest shared that she has changed her relationship with food and no longer experiences shame when having a meal out. Another recent LoseSmart guest said that one…

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LoseSmart: A Unique and Supportive Approach to Fitness

Many LoseSmart guests aren’t sure what to expect in their first fitness class on campus. “When I arrived on campus, I was nervous,” said one recent LoseSmart guest. “The nerves quickly faded away as the staff welcomed me with open arms. They helped me, inspired me, and showed me what I could accomplish and how…

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The Three Things That Are Preventing You From Losing Fat


How you lose weight matters. People believe a lot of incorrect information about weight loss and fat loss. We want you to lose weight in a healthy and smart way so that you can stop yo-yo dieting for good. The idea that weight loss only happens when people eat less and move more is not…

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Guest Spotlight: Margie

Guest Spotlight

Margie is a five-time Skyterra guest. That means we’ve had the honor and privilege of watching her progress along an incredible path of wellness, resilience, and undeniable inner strength. Hear her story in her own words.

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