LoseSmart: ‘Game-Changing’ Nutrition Education

culinary demo

LoseSmart guests arrive at Skyterra with varying past nutrition education. Some guests are anxious about eating and others have practiced destructive dieting behaviors for decades. A recent LoseSmart guest shared that she has changed her relationship with food and no longer experiences shame when having a meal out. Another recent LoseSmart guest said that one…

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Four weeks in: Skyterra leadership takes on LoseSmart

Skyterra’s fearless leaders are tackling eight weeks in the LoseSmart program after spending years focused on crafting the world-class retreat guests experience today.  Skyterra Owner Sue Crowell and General Manager Teresa Ostler decided to join the program starting in February to focus on taking care of themselves and adding consistent movement throughout the day. Like…

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How to Stop Dieting and Keep Your Sanity

You’ve tried diet after diet. You’re confused on what and how to eat. You’re sick of feeling like a failure.  But guess what! You didn’t fail. You are not a failure. The diets have failed you. It’s time for you to stop dieting. These low-carb,  low fat, ketogenic, no-sugar, detox, calorie-counting, point tracking, and intensive…

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