Life is full of stressors.
Learn to manage your response.

Control how you manage stress

In today’s overbooked, on-the-go world, you want to feel centered and balanced. You've probably heard it before: stress is toxic and unavoidable. But we need something more than knowing stress is bad for us. We need to know how to manage the stress in our lives.

Unfortunately, so many of us are overcommitted. Fear, feelings of guilt and unhealthy behaviors combine with work and family obligations. There's scarce time for taking care of you.

Stress is a part of our everyday life, but that doesn't mean it has to be unmanageable. We hear from so many guests who need time for some deep breaths, and to unplug and ground themselves so they feel less overwhelmed and more balanced. They’re seeking space for gratitude and a return to the basics and immersion in the natural world. That’s where we can help.

Finally learn how to manage your stress and take care of yourself

During your stay, you’ll strengthen the connection among your mind, body and soul. Through lectures and dedicated time for self-care, you’ll increase your self-awareness, develop new coping skills, and gain a clear understanding of mindfulness. Specific stress-management offerings include:

  • Joyful movement

    Movement that brings joy, such as mindful walks, hikes, pool classes, mobility classes, yoga or Tai Chi

  • Lectures

    Lectures on topics such as self-care and compassion, sound sleep, building boundaries, cultivating gratitude and reclaiming your body

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

    Stress-reducing experiences including creative arts and journaling classes, mindful eating experiences and outdoor walks and hikes

  • Massage and Spa Services

    Relaxing spa and massage services in our nature-inspired spa to help you unwind

  • Calming breathing techniques

    Calming and grounding deep breathing techniques that aid in stress reduction such as belly breathing, square breathing, and relaxation breathing

  • 1:1 therapy sessions

    Confidential and emotional support during your stay when you schedule a private session with one of our licensed clinical therapists

Here at Skyterra, we cultivate a stress-free environment for our guests while also creating lasting lifestyle changes. Together we will work to find a reasonable path that translates to improved stress management when you arrive back home.

There is hope

At Skyterra we believe that despite the stress in your life, you deserve hope and healing. Stress management and self-care are essential components to living your fullest, most nourished life. Without a stress management practice most individuals fall deeper into unfulfilling patterns. At the beginning of your stay at Skyterra, our coaches help you develop your personalized self-care plan based on your needs and desires.

During your stay you’ll not only learn how to care for yourself and manage your stress, but how to find awareness and compassion for yourself. You’ll discover the joy and power in mindfulness, and the importance of routines including structured meals, a healthy diet, and consistent sleep. You'll learn relaxation techniques to help you cope with stress and improve your mental health.

You’ll learn to manage stress by incorporating a whole-body approach. By focusing on your mind, body and soul, we’ll meet you where you are in your relationship with stress. You can choose from individualized therapy and group sessions, as well as a variety of mindful experiences to help you connect fully with yourself again.

You’ll also learn the tools to address all of your self-care needs while at Skyterra. Setting aside life's obligations and committing to a personal retreat is your first, very important step. Once you're here, not only will you have the opportunity to unplug and relax, you will also learn about the stress response, the factors that affect it, and techniques for managing your own response to stress.

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