Diving Deeper into Wellness Through Pool Fitness

If the weather allows (or if you’re lucky enough to have access to an indoor pool like ours at Skyterra), spending time in water can be a positive addition to your wellness practice, leading to many health benefits. Physical benefits include improved heart health, alleviation of pain, weight loss, as well as mental and emotional benefits such as decreased stress and anxiety, and improved mood. 

In fact, researchers at the University of South Carolina found that swimmers tend to have a 50 percent lower mortality rate than other exercisers or those who don’t exercise at all. 

If you want in on all this and more when it comes to achieving optimal wellness from your time spent in the pool, Skyterra Wellness may be the place for you to start. Skyterra’s natatorium, open year round, opened September 2022. The spacious complex houses a heated indoor pool, sauna, and outdoor hot tub overlooking incredible mountain views.

There are many additions to take advantage of within the natatorium, but similar benefits can be gained from other related spaces in or around your home or local community. Relieve stress, improve heart health, muscle and bone health, and increase mobility no matter your starting point. Speed up the recovery process after an injury, or just get an endorphin-boosting workout in a different setting. No matter your fitness level or experience, pool and water-based activity is for you.

Build Community Through Group Fitness

Whether you’re visiting us at Skyterra, using the local pool in your community, or even exploring your options in your very own backyard pool, not all water-based workouts are created equal. Lap swimming is a great aerobic exercise option, or perhaps an organized workout is more your speed. 

Group fitness in the pool is a wonderful way to get to know other pool-goers with similar interests and build camaraderie. In addition to the motivating pack mentality, group fitness can be an excellent way to spice up your current fitness regime and “shock” your body with a different type of movement.

At Skyterra, we host a variety of classes to meet the needs of all guests with a large variety of different types of goals.

  • Aqua Cardio consists of interval-style exercise with added resistance from the water to increase your heart rate in a gentle way
  • Aqua Strong uses dumbbells and bodyweight strength training to increase muscular strength and bone density 
  • Combine cardio and resistance training in our Aqua Circuit class, designed to build muscle tone, and improve endurance and stamina
  • Slow things down and be extra kind to your mind and body during our ultra-forgiving Aqua Yoga class, encouraging you to explore land-based yoga postures modified for the pool 
  • Choose to relax into a guided Aqua Meditation practice, allowing the water to wash away built-up tension and stress. 

There is something for everyone at Skyterra. If you’re not onsite with us, we encourage you to talk to an instructor at your local community center about the pool classes they may provide and inquire about your options. 

Prioritizing One-On-One Time for Beginner and Advanced Swimmers

Prior to taking a class, a beginner may be looking for something a bit more personal to ensure the correct approach and form. Or perhaps, you’re more of an advanced swimmer and are looking for something more one-on-one to really hone in on your skills and improve your efficiency. Swimming lessons are not just for kids and can be taken well into adulthood to help you perfect your stroke, similar to a personal training session on land.

Skyterra offers two private lesson options, one suitable for beginners and the other suitable for intermediate to advanced swimmers.

  • The Private Swim Instruction option is Ideal for those who have minimal to mild experience with swimming. Meet one on one with a swim coach to learn the basics of stroke technique and how to incorporate swimming into your wellness routine. During the course of a structured swim workout, our swim coach analyzes your stroke and guides you through corrective drills aimed at improving your technique.
  • The Swim Well Stroke Clinic is specifically aimed at those who have experience swimming and want to improve their skills. The swim coach takes video footage of your stroke and guides you through a swim speed test. You will sit down poolside with one of our swim coaches to discuss the areas where you can improve. You will then be taken through a corrective workout based on your specific needs, going through various drills and challenging multiple metabolic systems. After the workout, be given some customized workouts and challenges you can take on at home.

However you choose to incorporate pool fitness into your personal fitness regime, you truly can’t go wrong. There are endless options for all mobility and skill levels. 

We at Skyterra are proud to offer a wide variety of options to meet the needs of any and all guests that walk through our doors. It is our mission that you leave Skyterra with the skills and mindset to live a healthy life, and we are elated to now have the facility to show you how pool fitness can be woven into any healthy lifestyle long after your stay.
For more ways that you can get active in our pool or yours at home, click here. For more information on our brand-new natatorium, click here.