The Skyterra Approach to Weight Loss

Skyterra Wellness takes a unique and holistic approach to weight loss, informed by the latest medical and scientific research. The team at Skyterra, led by Dr. Teresa Campanile, MD, an on-site physician available to all guests, focuses on individual needs, not just the physical aspect of losing weight. One key component of the Skyterra approach is Dr. Campanile’s approach to weight loss, in combination with her wealth of medical knowledge and expertise.

A Medical Approach to Weight Loss

Dr. Campanile plays a pivotal role in helping guests understand the complexities of weight loss, emphasizing that success involves much more than just eating less and exercising more. Her approach involves addressing the underlying issues related to weight, such as hormonal imbalances, stress levels and lifestyle habits.

Dr. Campanile offers personalized care to each guest, understanding that each individual's journey to weight loss is unique. This includes in-depth assessments of physiology, lifestyle and health history. Dr. Campanile's expertise in managing weight loss, stress and metabolic health allows her to provide a comprehensive understanding of each guest's health history and a roadmap to follow during their time at Skyterra and beyond. 

During their stays, Dr. Campanile is able to provide guests with advanced nutrient therapies, prescription weight loss medications and herbal supplements that will enhance their health journey. Her practice of consistent biofeedback and monitoring, along with personalized care, ensures that each guest receives a tailored wellness experience, setting them on a long-term, sustainable path to health and well-being. 

An important aspect of Skyterra's philosophy is the continuation of the health journey beyond the retreat. Dr. Campanile helps guests prepare for their return home by providing detailed plans and recommendations to ensure the integration of healthy habits into their daily lives. By focusing on personalized care, integrating medical expertise, and emphasizing the formation of healthy habits, Skyterra’s team, together with Dr. Campanile, provides guests with the tools and knowledge for a life-long, transformative health journey.

Skyterra's LoseSmart Program

The LoseSmart weight-loss program at Skyterra is designed to provide a long-term, immersive experience where guests can focus on their health goals. This program includes smaller classes, individualized attention from fitness and dietitian teams, and regular progress monitoring. 

Prescription Weight Loss Medications: A Tool, Not a Solution

Recently, potent GLP-1 receptor agonists (like Ozempic) and GLP-1/GIP receptor agonists (like Mounjaro) have gained popularity for weight loss. They join a long list of medications that can be used to alter cravings, fullness, and various metabolic processes that aid in weight loss, and are notable for their rapid results. Skyterra is now able to offer on-site medical assessments to qualifying guests who are interested in weight loss medications, as well as close supervision for those already on weight loss medications, prevention against side effects, and learning how to enhance your own natural metabolic pathways in order to secure long term results and avoid the ‘rebound effect’ after rapid weight loss. The goal is not to rely solely on medication but to use it as a catalyst for forming healthier habits and programming stronger metabolic pathways that will keep weight off in the long term. This approach aligns with Skyterra's focus on long-term wellness. It's not just about achieving short-term goals but about integrating healthy practices into everyday life, ensuring lasting change and success. 

The Skyterra Difference

The Skyterra program is designed to help individuals form healthy habits that are crucial for losing weight and maintaining it in the long term. At Skyterra, we emphasize a holistic approach to health and wellness that tackles the root causes of health issues like obesity. 


  • Personalized Fitness: Skyterra emphasizes the importance of individualized fitness programs. Understanding that one size does not fit all in physical fitness, our retreat offers personalized workout classes tailored to each guest's abilities, preferences and goals. This approach ensures that exercise is not only effective for weight loss but also enjoyable and sustainable, thereby promoting a long-term commitment to physical activity. Regular movement, especially when tailored to an individual's needs, is crucial for burning calories, building muscle, and improving overall metabolic health, all essential components of weight loss and maintenance.


  • Nutritional Counseling: Nutrition is a cornerstone of weight management, and Skyterra's approach to dietary guidance is both holistic and practical. The retreat's nutritional counseling focuses on teaching guests how to make healthier food choices, understand portion sizes, and appreciate the role of nutrition in wellness. By educating guests about the principles of a balanced diet and its impact on body weight, Skyterra empowers them to make informed decisions about their eating habits beyond their stay at the retreat. This knowledge is crucial for maintaining weight loss, as it helps individuals make choices that support their health goals in everyday life.


  • Stress Management: Skyterra recognizes the significant impact of stress on weight gain and the challenges it poses to weight loss. Chronic stress can lead to emotional eating, increased cravings, and a preference for high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. Skyterra's stress management offerings, which include mindfulness practices, yoga and meditation, help guests develop coping mechanisms to handle stress more effectively. By reducing stress, individuals are better equipped to make conscious food choices, adhere to their fitness routines, and avoid the pitfalls of stress-induced eating behaviors.


  • Sleep Hygiene: Good quality sleep is often overlooked in weight loss programs, yet it plays a critical role in regulating appetite, metabolism and energy levels. Skyterra's focus on sleep hygiene educates guests on the importance of adequate and restful sleep. Techniques for improving sleep quality, such as creating a calming bedtime routine and managing sleep disturbances, are integral to the program. Improved sleep can lead to better hormone balance, reduced cravings for unhealthy foods, and increased energy for physical activities, all of which are beneficial for weight loss and maintenance.


  • Community and Support: The journey to lasting weight loss is rarely a solo endeavor. Skyterra fosters a sense of community and provides ongoing support to its guests. The retreat's environment encourages sharing experiences, challenges and successes, creating a supportive network that can continue beyond the stay. This sense of community is vital for motivation, accountability and encouragement, helping individuals stay committed to their health goals and maintain the weight loss they have achieved.


By addressing the physical, nutritional, emotional, and social aspects of health, Skyterra provides a comprehensive framework for forming and maintaining healthy habits. These fundamental life-changes, alongside the latest in medical advancements and offerings, form a cutting edge and unique weight-loss program that can only be found at Skyterra Wellness. Guests leave not only with a better understanding of what it takes to lose weight but also with practical tools and strategies to sustain these changes in their everyday lives.

If you're interested in learning more about Skyterra Wellness and Dr. Teresa Campanile's approach to weight loss, consider listening to the Inspired Intentions podcast for deeper insights. Skyterra's comprehensive approach to wellness might be the key to unlocking your health and weight loss goals; for more information, contact us today. 


This presentation is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide any medical advice. The presenter will not evaluate, diagnose, provide any prognosis, care\treatment or care\treatment plan nor any advice/opinion or consultation regarding any of the foregoing for any attendee. This presentation is not a substitute for obtaining medical care from your treating medical provider.