New Life Hiking Spa will not be open in 2024

New Life Hiking Spa will not be open in 2024

New Life Hiking Spa was a wellness retreat located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Founded in 1978 by Jimmy LeSage, New Life Hiking Spa was dedicated to helping guests achieve their health and wellness goals through hiking, fitness, and healthy eating.

Unfortunately New Life Hiking Spa is permanently closed. But don’t worry! There are several viable options for those seeking a hiking and fitness oriented wellness retreat.

If you are looking for a retreat that offers a healthy vacation with plenty of hiking and outdoor activities, Skyterra Wellness Retreat may be the perfect retreat for you.

While it was in operation, New Life Hiking Spa offered a variety of programs designed to meet the individual needs of each guest. Their signature program, the New Life Renewal Retreat, was a comprehensive weight loss and wellness program which included daily hikes, fitness classes, healthy meals, and wellness workshops.

The New Life Renewal Retreat focused on helping guests develop healthy habits and lifestyle changes that they can maintain long after they leave the retreat. The program included workshops on nutrition, stress management, and meditation. 

Skyterra offers a similar approach to wellness that includes fitness classes, outdoor activities, healthy meals, educational workshops, and personalized coaching sessions. It also offers specialized programs such as weight loss, stress management, and mindfulness.

Skyterra's facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, an indoor pool, an outdoor adventure center, and comfortable accommodations designed to promote rest and relaxation. Our expert culinary team is dedicated to tantalizing your senses with fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced dishes so you can savor every mouthwatering bite without worry or restriction. 

While it was in operation, New Life Hiking Spa offered a meal plan that focuses on whole foods and emphasizes plant-based options. The meals are prepared with fresh, local ingredients and are designed to be nutritious and satisfying. Skyterra Wellness similarly offers an inclusive meal plan created using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and are designed to be both healthy and delicious. At Skyterra, we also offer a range of culinary offerings to meet the needs of all guests, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. 

In terms of accommodations, New Life Hiking Spa offered cozy rooms and suites in a charming country inn. The rooms were furnished with comfortable beds, soft linens, and modern amenities. In comparison, Skyterra Wellness offers multiple lodging options, including private lodges and cottages. The rooms at Skyterra are designed with relaxation and comfort in mind, featuring plush bedding, high-quality linens, and modern amenities. Skyterra also offers pet-friendly options and a 2 bedroom luxury cottage with a private hot tub for those who want to take their luxury wellness retreat to the next level. 

One of the unique features of New Life Hiking Spa was its location in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont and was surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including forests, lakes, and waterfalls. The daily hikes that were a part of the program allowed guests to connect with nature and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise. 

At Skyterra Wellness we seek to provide a wellness retreat that offers all of the same great benefits and more in an equally beautiful location in the mountains of North Carolina. Our location gives guests the opportunity to connect with nature and engage in outdoor activities.

Nestled in the enchanting Pisgah National Forest, along the sparkling French Broad River, Skyterra is perfectly situated to allow easy access to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Skyterra offers an unparalleled wellness adventure, exploring a vast array of extraordinary experiences - from invigorating hikes, kayaking and whitewater rafting expeditions, navigating stunning waterfalls, serene fishing trips and cycling through breathtaking landscapes. The location offers a peaceful and serene environment, perfect for those seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you are looking for a sustainable approach to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle similar to New Life Hiking Spa, Skyterra may be the perfect retreat for you.