Fitness at Skyterra

Functional movement for a healthy, vibrant life

Fitness has never been one-size-fits-all

Research-based movement has always been an essential component of our approach to health and wellness. When it comes to your fitness, your needs are unique. At Skyterra Wellness, leading experts have designed our flexible fitness program to challenge all levels while providing low-impact alternatives for those with mobility needs.

Designed to support your individualized goals and cultivate whole-body well-being, our fitness spaces feature:

  • Cardio Zone, which boasts state-of-the-art cardio equipment, eight LED TVs, and stunning mountain views
  • Strength Room, which features several different kinds of strength equipment and an indoor turf
  • Spacious Studio with lots of natural light and access to our screened-in yoga porch
  • Outdoor fitness spaces, including a turf designed for functional fitness experiences and three pickleball courts
  • Heated indoor pool, including aquatic fitness equipment and lap lane
  • Outdoor Living Center, including four pickleball courts equipped with overhead lighting, turf designed for functional fitness experiences, concrete basketball court and archery targets.

Our experienced instructors meet you at your unique starting place and ensure you feel comfortable and confident in class. During your stay, you’ll receive advanced insights on your body composition and meet one-on-one with your coach to curate an optimal plan for your Skyterra stay. Choose among various class styles and discover what works best for you. 

Our fitness spaces are designed to host life-changing group fitness and personal training. Our weekly curriculum is designed with fun and functionality in mind, making it easy to continue your new healthy habits upon your return home. 

Below is a small sample of the fitness classes offered at Skyterra:

Move Well Strength: Learn Skyterra’s essential movements that will improve your everyday life. In this class, you will learn, create and develop better positions leaving you empowered and confident about movements in our signature Lean! class.

Lean!: Our one-of-a-kind strength training class focuses on quality movement, prioritizing only movements that matter for functional fitness and activities of daily living

Simple Strength: Learn a simple way to implement six exercises for a full-body workout that can be adaptable to your own home

Primal Strong!: Revive your strength training routine with heavy ropes, tire flips and sled drags. Get back to functional exercise with this highly effective interval class.

EMOM: One of our most transferable workouts for home, EMOM stands for every minute on the minute

Simple Circuit: This fitness class has a cardio component and incorporates strength movements that will be a great addition to your routine no matter your fitness level or goals

Core and Balance: This fitness class is core-based and engages the balance and stability of the entire body

Outdoor Circuit: Head outside for a combination of different strength exercises in an interval-style workout

Aqua Mobility: Join us at the indoor, heated pool for an aquatic twist on our daily mobility class. Utilizing the flexibility and buoyancy of the water, you will stretch out tight muscles and work to improve your mobility.

Skyterra Fitness Games: A guest favorite, you’ll work with your teammates to win this outdoor event combining mini movement-based games, relay races and a variety of upbeat workouts.

LoseSmart at Skyterra

In addition to our fitness classes and lectures, LoseSmart at Skyterra is our signature, four-week weight loss program designed to create long-term and sustainable results. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Enhance your stay with one-on-one training

A Skyterra stay is personalized for each guest. You can choose to opt in for additional individualized sessions to help support your plan for integrating your fitness routine into life at home. 

Our Fitness Rx service provides you the opportunity to sit down with one of our experts to co-create your custom fitness plan for home. 

Whether you want to improve your form or rehabilitate specific weaknesses, there’s no better way than a personal experience with one of our experts. Our trainers utilize information from your mobility screening to tailor the session to your needs and interests.

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