12 Game Changers For Your Morning Wellness Routine

Mornings set the tone for your whole day

The truth is, most of us have a lot going on, which tends to dictate some of what our mornings will include. But not all. Ultimately, we do have choices about what our mornings will consist of. This realization is the first step. For this reason, it's essential to step back and brainstorm about what rituals might genuinely speak to your needs. Taking care of yourself doesn't come as naturally for some of us as it does for others, so planning is vital.

The simplest things can turn your mornings around

Above all, mornings are best when we incorporate things that speak to our values. For instance, when we consciously devote our attention to our own needs in the morning, we tend to feel energized for the rest of the day. Inevitably, with this sense of confidence in our priorities, we become less distracted by other people's agendas.

Consequently, most of us realize that the quality of our mornings has a lasting impact on the rest of the day. Yet, if you don't make a priority of them, it's easy to let urgencies become the main themes. Ultimately, when you're empowered by self-care, you may find that you have more time than you thought to do things that fuel you in all kinds of ways.

The staff at Skyterra Wellness Retreat has some helpful (and realistic) hints about how to make your mornings exceptionally energizing.

Lindsay Ford

Lindsay Ford Connects with Herself and Loved Ones

Lindsay is a registered dietitian at Skyterra as well as mentor and support to many guests and community members in her orbit. Here are some examples of what she feels are important in her mornings:

  1.  I really try to savor my mornings and I would encourage others to do the same. I get up early so I can spend at least 15 minutes reading as well as savoring my breakfast and coffee. Hectic mornings typically set me up for unnecessary anxiety. Easing into the day, moving my body, and being with myself for a bit helps me tremendously. 
  2. I try to stay connected with loved ones. On a weekly basis, I try to call and touch base with at least one dear friend or family member that I haven't spoken to in a while. I'd love to get into more letter writing as it truly is a lost act of kindness. Either way, card or phone call, it always reminds me of what is important in my life.

Michael Vess Receives The Morning As a Blank Canvas

Skyterra's Director of Culinary Services and Executive Chef Michael Vess invites mindfulness and simplicity into his mornings:

  1. I keep it super simple. Everything is my choice.  Lights out by midnight. Up at 5:30 AM.  I make french press and be patient, clean up, kiss all my babes, and head to work.
  2. Arrive at work knowing this day is a blank canvas and everything that I experience has meaning. What I see, I am responsible for. I choose to step towards areas that I have given little attention to, approaching the day as a realist. Practicing mindfulness, I try to keep anything that distracts from my values at a minimum. 
Lyndsey Azlynne

Lyndsey Azlynne savors her mornings

Lyndsey is one of Skyterra's extraordinary yoga teachers and co-owns Dobra Tearoom in the Asheville, NC area. She shares some themes from her favorite morning rituals:

  1. I love to wake up slowly. Rather than propelling into the momentum of the day, I love to stretch out and savor time. Most mornings, I mindfully prepare a pot of tea and then practice gentle movement and meditation.
  2. I enjoy sitting in the dark with my tea and watching as the early morning sunlight begins to pour in and illuminate the world around me. I find that starting my day in a relaxed way is a game changer and often sets the pace for a relaxed and steady day.
Shannon Worley

Shannon Worley's Morning Rituals

Shannon is a licensed therapist at Skyterra and Program Director for our Freedom with Food program. Here are three of her go-tos for her morning wellness routine.

  1. I wake up early so I can be with my dogs, fix breakfast, read, and enjoy my coffee.
  2. Incorporating therapeutic yoga poses and stretches into my morning, I work toward becoming centered and grounded. This helps support a more focused and mindful day.
  3. I prepare for my next day the night before. This includes setting my planner and incorporating my exercise routine, weekly priorities, and other things I enjoy doing. I prepare the coffee machine and try to plan out my meals ahead as much as possible. This decreases some of the anxiety and stress associated with all of the things ahead of me for the week.
Molly Caldwell

Molly Caldwell Distances From Her Phone and Connects With Her Cat and Plants

Molly is a licensed therapist at Skyterra and shares some things that she feels are most important about her mornings:

  1. I begin each morning with feeding and cuddling with my cat and tending to a few of my plants, as well as stretching my body. Without this daily practice, I am essentially inviting in chaos and pushing out inner peace.
  2. Much like Shannon, I prepare for my next day the evening before. I also keep my schedule in a planner, instead of on my phone, and in doing so, I create intentional distance between myself and phone stimuli.
  3. Interpersonal connections: a total game changer. Without giving and receiving love, I would be lost. This includes family, friends, my partner, and community members. Knowing that there are others who have similar interests as I do often lifts me from dark spells.