Three things to look for when booking your solo travel

Solo travel may be the best way to experience a wellness vacation. 

Hike to mountain
Hikes at Skyterra are inclusive activities.

For those looking to find their path and conduct some self-care in their time away, traveling alone may be just the ticket. Add to that the personalized service offered at wellness retreats, and it may just be the perfect destination for the solo traveler.

While guests here at Skyterra include all ages, motivations and configurations, one group we see regularly is the solo traveler, typically female. Because of our solo travelers we are a retreat that focuses on the healing power of community.

Our guests arrive at Skyterra for so many different reasons but they are all like-minded, and it’s those similarities that can create deep bonds between guests, especially if they’re open to and looking for connections.

When you’re looking to book a solo travel trip, there are three important things to look for:

Find a destination that knows how to cater to solo travelers.

As more vacationers look to vacation alone, the most important thing you can do is to find a destination at which you’ll be comfortable. 

Here at Skyterra, we plan for and cater to the solo traveler because for so many guests, a wellness retreat is their first solo vacation. To make guests feel comfortable during social times like meals, the touchstone of our program includes one, very large community dining table that brings all of Skyterra’s guests together. 

Additionally, the weekly schedule at Skyterra is set up not only to accommodate the solo traveler, but to help them build fast, deep connections with other guests. When guests arrive on Sunday, all new guests attend orientation where they learn other guests’ goals, allowing for connections between vacationers who are visiting Skyterra for similar reasons. The following night’s activity is specifically designed for guests to share their vision and motivation for their wellness vacation, giving solo travelers another way to connect with others on a deeper level.

Skyterra also offers a community campfire, scheduled strategically for Wednesday nights. With guests arriving on Sunday, by Wednesday they’ve gotten to know each other in classes already. The campfire is a social outlet and creates an atmosphere of acceptance, separate from the fitness, recreation and lectures.

Set your intentions before the trip.

Bringing purpose to your vacation and to your wellness travel is an important intention prior to booking your trip, whether you’re traveling solo or not. Make sure you’re clear about what you’re hoping to gain from the trip; writing down your thoughts can help add clarity. When you’re traveling solo, you’re unencumbered to achieve those goals.

The ability to choose your own schedule is key, as is being able to focus solely on yourself and your health. The point of a wellness retreat in most cases is to focus on yourself so you can arrive back home refreshed. When you travel alone, you’re sure to receive the full benefits of the intentions of your wellness vacation.

So many wellness travelers are caregivers in their everyday lives, from taking care of children and spouses to helping aging parents. A wellness vacation provides a break from caring for everyone else so you’re able to focus on yourself, and be a better caregiver when you arrive back home.

When you travel alone you are more likely to slow down. You can attend only the classes you want to attend, and you can rest when you need to.

Give yourself permission to enjoy and try something new.

Sometimes the wellness traveler simply needs permission from themselves to take that vacation alone.

Stand-up paddleborading

For the solo traveler, every single class and offering at Skyterra is adaptable. Hikes at Skyterra are always group hikes to ensure that all speeds and capabilities are included. 

The most important thing on your solo trip is to try something new. When you’re traveling alone it’s just you, alone with your intentions. Give yourself permission to try something new, on your own. It’s a matter of showing up and being open.

Wellness retreats like Skyterra are beautiful places, and it can be difficult to not bring family members with you. You might feel selfish taking time for you. But you need it. It’s OK to take a vacation by yourself.