How to Find the Right Weight Loss Camp for You

LoseSmart guest on a hike

Weight loss camps and retreats are quickly becoming a popular option for those looking to reset, lose weight, and improve their quality of life. Whether you’re simply looking to cultivate a more health-focused lifestyle or you’re hoping to lose a more significant amount of weight, it can be to your benefit to leave your regular routine behind at home and temporarily relocate to learn new habits and change your life.

Sometimes, more traditional meal plans and fitness programs do not turn out to be as successful as hoped because everyday routines and environment may be in the way of newfound goals and mindset, preventing traction.

This is why so many individuals choose to pack a bag and head off to an all-inclusive weight loss camp to help kick-start them on their journey. Upon their return home, the right weight loss retreat will help them develop the skills and confidence to apply what they have learned to life at home and continue pursuing a healthier and happier version of themselves long after their stay.

Maybe you’ve considered attending a weight loss camp yourself, but finding the right option for you can be difficult and time-consuming to sort through. To help you take this first step toward improved well-being, we’ve compiled three key components that we feel you should highly consider when deciding the best weight loss camp for you. 

After you ensure that you’ve chosen a weight loss camp that takes a research-based approach, maintains a community atmosphere, and provides a supportive environment to meet your goals, you can be sure that you’ve found a weight loss program that will truly change your life for good. 

Avoid Quick Fixes to Find the Right Weight Loss Camp

The first aspect to consider during your search for the ideal weight loss camp is finding one with curriculum that is rooted in fact, not fiction. Think weight loss camp, not fat camp

A reliable weight loss retreat will base its program curriculum in research-driven methods and will not rely on quick fixes to help their guests lose weight unsustainably and rapidly. 

The weight you may lose through a rapid weight loss approach is likely to be regained, often even more than before. Through research, we know that weight loss is only sustainable through balance when it comes to fitness, nutrition, sleep, relationships, stress management, and overall health and wellness. Research also tells us that speed-driven weight loss tactics do not work long term for the vast majority of individuals.

We encourage you to do some research of your own prior to choosing a weight loss camp. Is the program you’re looking to attend advertising under-eating or holistic nourishment? Calorie-counting or intuitive eating? Over-exercising or mindful movement? The right weight loss camp will guide you through a gentle and nurturing process of weight loss. It will be safe, effective, and respectful of your body.

At Skyterra, our take on weight loss is not only research-based and effective, but it’s sustainable and proven to be life-changing. We don’t just want you to lose weight and be well while on campus. We want you to feel your best for the years to come well after your stay. We choose to guide and support our guests in the process of weight loss through strength-building fitness and mobility practice, nutrition and culinary skill-building, and sleep and stress management workshops. From the moment guests arrive onsite to the last day when they leave with a plan for home, Skyterra’s LoseSmart program is executed by experts who always have you, your goals, and the latest research in mind. We encourage you to pursue a reliable weight loss camp and leave the rest.

Find a Environment Supportive of Your Weight Loss Camp Goals 

Consider the environment and overall atmosphere when searching for a weight loss camp. A change in environment is key to beginning your journey and kick-starting your weight loss goals.

Your environment is the invisible hand that shapes your behavior. When you choose to repeat your behavior, you form habits, so it’s vital that you choose or set up the right environment that will help you reach your goals surrounding weight loss. One way to switch up your routine is to take your healthy habits outdoors. Take meals outside to avoid sitting in front of the television, break up the workday with a few short five- or 10-minute walks, or meet up with some friends for a game of pickleball on a set of outdoor courts.

While small environmental changes can certainly have a huge impact, even larger results can be achieved through a complete environmental shift, such as attending a weight loss camp. Mixing things up, getting outdoors, or just finding ways to put the fun back in fitness creates the space necessary for habits to become long-term and even lifelong routines. Just like summer camp, guests can create fond memories through gratifying shared experiences in an unforgettable environment.

At Skyterra, your happiness is of the utmost importance to us, and weaving our unique mountain terrain into many of the program activities that we offer is what makes our weight loss program unique. Hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, waterfall hunting, fishing, and cycling are all ways to move your body in a way that allows for fun and adventure. When weather allows, we take our morning meditations, fitness, and yoga outdoors, and allow nature to inspire change naturally. 

Spend Time in an Uplifting Weight Loss Camp Community

What’s one thing you loved about summer camp as a kid? For most people, the fun, community atmosphere and all of the friends and connections made was the cherry on top of a perfect summer. Why can’t the same be said about a weight loss camp for adults? Being well and, as a result, losing weight should be fun, uplifting, and inspiring. Otherwise, how else will you sustain those habits long-term? It shouldn’t feel agonizing or excruciating. 

Community is an essential aspect of weight loss and one of the many benefits that come with attending a weight loss camp. Spending time in a company of like-minded individuals with similar goals, interests and even starting points cultivates the ideal environment for you to grow, learn and succeed. Hitting weight loss goals gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment and while these goals may be personal, they don’t have to be met alone. Support surrounding weight loss has been shown to help you reach those goals faster.

In a study published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics, researchers found that support in the form of encouragement and motivation, shared information, and shared experiences are incredibly important when it comes to weight loss. Shared experiences increase the perception that “If they can do it, I can too.” In addition, social support encourages weight loss efforts by creating accountability within a group, and allows community members to express concerns, share ideas, and offer encouragement and positive feedback.

Losing weight is undoubtedly an emotional process, and emotional and motivational support from people that care can only benefit you. At Skyterra, there is nothing more personal than your health-related goals. Guests enrolled in Skyterra’s LoseSmart program receive comprehensive support for achieving and maintaining their weight loss goals not only from team members, but also from other program participants. Guests organically form a unique community while at Skyterra, but the camaraderie doesn’t stop after you return home, as friendships formed at Skyterra often serve as great sources of accountability and support.

For more information on the weight loss options available at Skyterra Wellness, click here.