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Try this new Crunchy, Zesty Salad this Weekend

Still stuck in the house social distancing? Try this Edamame Crunch Salad with Orange Vinaigrette recipe, newly posted on Skyterra at Home. This gluten-free and dairy-free salad contains protein coming from various plant sources including edamame, pecans and greens. Feel free to top this with additional protein if needed. Sign up to be notified of…

Flying geese

Mary Oliver for Corona Times, Thoughts after the poem “Wild Geese”

You do not have to become totally zen,
You do not have to use this isolation to make your marriage better,
your body slimmer, your children more creative.
You do not have to “maximize its benefits”
By using this time to work even more,
write the bestselling Corona Diaries,
Or preach the gospel of ZOOM.

Square breath

Feeling Stressed? Try this Tactic used by U.S. Special Forces to Find Relief

Over the past couple weeks, the entire world has experienced massive change which has affected each individual, family and community very uniquely. It is undeniably a tender time. It is more important than ever that we take the time to take care of ourselves and each other as the world moves through the COVID-19 pandemic.…

Look how much you've already managed to adapt to...

Look How Much You’ve Already Managed to Adapt to…

Look how much you’ve already managed to adapt to… a poem from Mellow Doodles


I Vow to Stay Positive in the Face of Negativity

I Vow to Stay Positive in the Face of Negativity… a quote by Jon Gordon

Self care isn't selfish

Questions to Ask Yourself When Everything Feels Off

If you’re feeling the effects of social distancing due to the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent social distancing, try running through this list of questions. They won’t fix everything, but they’ll help take care of the low-hanging fruit so you can work through the harder stuff.

Person holding vegetables

21 Easy Meal Ideas for the Non-Cook in All of Us

Below are 21 ways to help those who need some guidance on creating simple food that will make meals delicious, satisfying and easy.

Butterfly hug

The Butterfly Hug: How to Feel Better Right Now

The butterfly hug is an immediate stress-reducing technique, and is something you can do right now to decrease anxiety and lower your heart rate.

If today gets difficult, remember

If Today Gets Difficult, Remember…

If today gets difficult, remember…
the smell of coffee,
the way sunlight bounces off a window…

Working from home

Why You’re Not Getting Any Work Done at Home, and How to Fix That

Whether you’re working from home, helping your kids with schoolwork during the day, trying to stay busy with new creative outlets, or some combination of all three and then some, having a structured day will help boost your productivity and lower your anxiety.