Private sessions

Optional enhancements during your stay

The Skyterra experience is personalized by nature. With our small class sizes and high staff-to-guest ratio, our professionals will provide all the tools and knowledge you need to continue your progress at home. If you choose to enhance this experience with individual training sessions or additional one-on-one support, we do offer several options for private sessions.

Please note that private sessions are optional additions and not part of our all-inclusive program. (Exception: long-term stays do include individualized weekly sessions.) Each session is an additional charge. Packages are also available.

Private session options

Wellness coaching

Wellness coaching supports your efforts to design and live an inspired life. The goal is to align your body, mind, heart, and actions with your intentions. This is an opportunity to explore specific challenges in the most critical areas of your life such as health, love, family, relationships, and career. Through innovative coaching, come to know yourself and love yourself, resolve pain from the past, and cultivate mindfulness to support your efforts. Understand yourself from a new perspective and experience your life with compassion, humor, and acceptance. Using a strengths-based approach, we provide the tools, strategies, and support you need to embody your dreams and make lasting change.

Counseling sessions

Depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction are experienced in a variety of ways - these feelings are familiar, yet uncomfortable. If you want to find relief and support on your journey, schedule an appointment with our therapist. Obtaining support to navigate the complexities of life can be indispensable. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use, or other addictive disorders/behaviors, we will meet you where you are. Together, we will craft a treatment plan to address your specific needs and focus on creating positive outcomes for your life.

Nutrition consultation

Meet with our Registered Dietitian for a personal nutrition session customized to your needs. Plans are tailored to target your specific concerns, such as weight management, food allergies, autoimmune disorders, blood sugar management, cancer, eating disorders, and more. You will receive a nutrition plan as well as supporting recipes to set yourself up for success.

Fitness RX

Everyone has unique needs, lifestyles, resources, and challenges for continuing their fitness routine at home. This service provides you the opportunity to sit down with one of our experts to co-create your custom fitness plan. You’ll walk out with every detail written out for you.

Personal training

Whether you want to improve your form or work on rehabilitating specific weaknesses, there’s no better way than a personal experience with one of our experts. Our trainers utilize information from your mobility screening to tailor the session to your needs and interests.

Customized integrative yoga

Are you looking to develop or deepen your yoga practice? Whether your intention is to enhance breathwork practices, improve basic knowledge, strength, balance, alignment, or flexibility, this Integrative Yoga session will provide an unparalleled, individualized healing experience, one that fosters safe, supportive expansion and growth while nourishing the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

Private cooking with the Skyterra chef

Are you interested in learning to cook meats, vegetables, or starches in a new and healthy way? This session is for you! You will spend time with our chef learning to create Skyterra meals at home, create a Skyterra pantry with kitchen essentials, and learn the secrets of healthy meal creation.

Private off-campus fly fishing

Fishing for stress relief or relaxation? In this exclusive off-site fly fishing guided private session, you will experience one of Western North Carolina’s favorite pastimes all the while learning the fundamentals of fly fishing.

Private off-campus e-biking

Find your inner child on our electrically-assisted bikes. Outdoor uphill climbs are not an uphill battle anymore! We offer private group rides on site or in our local national forests.

Private hiking

Want to adventure solo or in a smaller group? We offer totally customizable hikes where you can pick the distance and destination. Western North Carolina is home to over 250 waterfalls within miles of each other. Let’s go and find your favorite.