Specialty Weeks at Skyterra

Your stay has never been one-size-fits-all

Big things are coming to Skyterra in 2024

Join us for an opportunity to experience a spin on the Skyterra stay you know and love! Our specialty weeks are designed to further personalize your stay and bring something extra to our Signature Wellness program.

We recognize that your wellness journey is uniquely yours and seek to honor that no matter what you enjoy. Whether you're an outdoor adventure-seeker, pickleball fanatic, culinary connoisseur or all three, there is a specialty stay for you at Skyterra. And we're excited to announce what's coming in the new year!

Join us for an additional $500 per specialty week!


Culinary Specialty Weeks

For the foodies, skilled chefs or those just beginning to sharpen their skills in the kitchen, the Skyterra Culinary Weeks are designed with you in mind. Through culinary demonstrations, kitchen games, nutrition lectures and special family-style meals, you'll leave Skyterra with a refreshed perspective on food preparation, nutrition integration, and how to keep the fun in food.

Please join us:

  • September 1-8, 2024: Expand your comfortability utilizing a grill during our BBQ Culinary Week for grill masters (and beginners)!
  • December 8-15: Our Holiday Culinary Week seeks to help you manage stress surrounding food and gatherings around the holiday season, leaving you with comforting Skyterra-friendly meals that will taste delicious for you and your loved ones.

Pickleball Specialty Weeks

If you love pickleball as much as we do or want to commit to a fast-track approach to learning the game, Pickleball Week at Skyterra is for you. This special on-site experience features 15 hours of group instruction with the option for additional private instruction, and ends with one epic celebration tournament at the end of the week. Learn everything you need to know to be successful at Pickleball from world-class instructors.

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Recreation Specialty Weeks

Refresh your relationship with the great outdoors through our upcoming Recreation Weeks, each with their own unique opportunities for you to experience nature-centered activities, unique destinations, wilderness education, and more. Spend a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains and allow us to show you the very best of what Western North Carolina has to offer.

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