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A Poem of Collective Wisdom for Today

I give you calm and joy.
I am one who will be here for you.
I give you warmth, courage, and patience.
I want you to have faith in humanity and help when you can.
This too shall pass.

Group hugging on mountaintop

When This is Over

When this is over,
may we never again
take for granted
A handshake with a stranger…

Bison burger

Two new recipes to try this weekend

Stuck in the house social distancing? Now is the time to get creative and try some new recipes. Try these, newly posted on Skyterra at Home: Sesame Grilled Shrimp with Spinach and Lentil Salad Bison Burgers with Sweet Potatoes and Sauteed Vegetable of Choice The shrimp salad can be substituted with beans instead of lentils,…


How to Stop Dieting and Keep Your Sanity

You’ve tried diet after diet. You’re confused on what and how to eat. You’re sick of feeling like a failure.  But guess what! You didn’t fail. You are not a failure. The diets have failed you. It’s time for you to stop dieting. These low-carb,  low fat, ketogenic, no-sugar, detox, calorie-counting, point tracking, and intensive…

Massaged Purple Kale

Five ways to eat more plant-based foods

When it comes to integrating more plant-based foods into your meals, diets described as “plant-based” can spark thoughts of extreme smoothie consumption, mega salads and carbohydrate loading. From this common perspective, plant-based eating can be intimidating, underwhelming and may elicit a sense of restriction. Instead of putting labels on food or thinking about what to…


Five ways to be more mindful

Recently, mindfulness has become a pervasive buzzword. You can find mindfulness used in schools, your job, in yoga and fitness classes, in coffee shops, restaurants, and even in your doctors office. We hear the word mindfulness but what does it mean, and more importantly, how do we become more mindful? Jon Kabat Zinn, Ph.D, who…

Calm river

Your Emotional and Binge Eating has Served a Powerful Purpose Until Now: Here’s how to Rewire Your Brain

Food, food and more food. We are about to approach the feast-focused season in which holidays, family gatherings, parties and more are centered around food. For many, this can be an extremely challenging time. Overeating seems to be part of the norm, but when does eating too much cross over into binge eating?

There is no wrong way to have a body.

Weight loss reimagined: how to feel better in your body

Are you one of the nearly one in two Americans who is actively trying to lose weight? Have you participated in food restricting, dieting or excessive exercise? If dieting has failed you, Skyterra Dietitian Lindsay Ford has a message for you: we believe in you. And we believe your story can be a story of hope.

Is a wellness retreat worth it?

Three things to look for in a boot camp class

Exercise shouldn’t be torture, even in a boot camp class. When looking for a boot camp, Skyterra Wellness Executive Director Jeff Ford says you want a class that will be effective, safe and fun. Here’s how to evaluate your options and what to look for: Form is king. In a boot camp class, typically the…

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12 Game Changers For Your Morning Wellness Routine

Mornings set the tone for your whole day The truth is, most of us have a lot going on, which tends to dictate some of what our mornings will include. But not all. Ultimately, we do have choices about what our mornings will consist of. This realization is the first step. For this reason, it’s…