Winter Wellness at Skyterra

A Season of Festive Activities and Savings

During the winter Skyterra Wellness goes beyond just a retreat; we offer a festive experience and a range of activities with savings up to $1155 per week! Limited availability. Call for details.

Spend your Winter at Skyterra this year!

Skyterra's location in the southern Appalachian temperate rainforest means that winters here are mild. Even during the coldest months, there is still ample opportunity to explore the outdoors. Nothing changes when it comes to the amount of adventure here at Skyterra during the winter. We have access to spectacular trails, waterfalls and streams, many of them on campus or a short drive away. We still offer all of your favorite fitness classes and our indoor pool is always heated, even our garden is alive in the winter! Indoors at Skyterra, we make sure the fireplace is always lit as we take full advantage of winter with countless festive activities.


The following is just a sample of what you can expect when you spend the Winter at Skyterra:

  • Outdoor Adventures: Explore leaf-peeping drives, sunset hikes, and the Reindeer Run 5K.
  • Special Dinners: Savor three-course seasonal dinners and themed nutrition talks.
  • Festive Events: Christmas tree-cutting and decorating, ornament making, holiday light excursions, and the National Gingerbread House Competition.
  • Active Celebrations: Engage in holiday-themed workouts, including the Turkey Trot and the 12 Days of FitMas.
  • Cultural Celebrations: Experience Hanukkah with candle lighting and latkes, enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and join in the Christmas day brunch and New Year’s celebrations.
  • Creative Arts and Crafts: Delight in holiday-themed arts classes, ornament making and tree trimming and decorating.

Join us for a unique blend of wellness and winter cheer at Skyterra!

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