Webisode: 6 Stages of Change

6 Stages of Changes

Spring is a time for change.  At Skyterra, we see many guests who have a strong desire to make significant changes in their lives.  However, they don't give themselves enough time to solidify these healthy habits to ensure lasting change.  So how do we make change last? Let’s start with discovering which stage you relate to the most.

Stage 1: Precontemplation

People in this stage don't want to make any changes to their habits and don't recognize that they have a problem. Unfortunately, it often takes some pain or medical diagnosis,  or a significant life event to trigger change. If you are listening to this webisode today, it's highly likely that you are not at this stage because you’re already considering change.

Stage 2: Contemplation

You are beginning to weigh the costs (how much effort will it take, what exactly will I be doing, can I get time off work and be away from family) and begin to consider the benefits of changing your lifestyle. Some folks remain in this stage for many years without ever actually taking action. This stage is a crucial time to set some powerful and motivating goals for yourself.  Imagine how your life could be different, the life you deserve and truly want.

Stage 3: Preparation

People at this stage have decided to change their negative habits and are actively beginning the process. You may also be purchasing some preparatory equipment, supplies, and or clothing to assist in motivating you and preparing you to fulfill the cues for the healthy behaviors you wish to integrate.

Stage 4: Action

This step is critical! It's is the real deal. The action stage is the process of actually changing your behaviors.  You are exercising consistently, eating healthy whole foods, and surrounding yourself with other positive people who are changing their lives. The action phase is what happens every day at Skyterra. Sustainable change occurs when routine action takes place.

Stage 5: Maintenance

This is the stage of fruitful and lasting change. You put the plan in place, it's working, you feel good, clear and strong. You feel successful and you show up every day willing and ready. And now you can tell the difference when you practice your healthy behaviors and when you don’t.

Stage 6: Termination

You have now fully integrated these behaviors. You listen to your body.  The threats of the old patterns are gone. The ice cream no longer tempts you and going to the gym is no longer a chore. If you fall off the wagon you easily and with confidence hop back on!

This spring join us at Skyterra, give yourself the ultimate gift of time and let yourself really build upon the Action phase and learn all the tools to help you integrate the lifestyle changes you've always wanted.

SO in honor of this beautiful season of growth, we find ourselves in, I'll end with a famous quote by Anais Nin, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Come blossom with us, give yourself a chance to really form these new habits and get back to basics, get back to you.