Make a Change: Move From Fitness to Activity

fitness to activity

With this month being National Physical Fitness and Sports month, let’s discuss the power behind shifting from fitness to activity. Consistent movement serves a vast purpose in overall fitness, wellbeing, and longevity. Our bodies are designed to move. For many, movement means fitness and fitness means going to the gym. Instead of looking at fitness as a chore or a task that needs to get completed, how can we begin to make the commitment to just become more active throughout our days? How can we start to honor our ancestors, as all day movement was a part of their daily lifestyle?

Today, most sit for an average for 13 hours a day. Even when going to the gym, our mindset is focused upon the checklist. Fitness done. Then you sit in a car to travel to work, to sit at a desk at work, then to sit traveling home.

Inactivity, due to sitting for long periods of time throughout the day, is linked to various health concerns and conditions including the devastating effect on our bodies alignment and mobility. Thus, instead of emphasizing the gym as our roots for fitness, utilize the body as the foundation. Move more- be consistent with movement. This month, try to re-focus the attention and intention. How often are you sitting or living inactively? The shift from fitness to activity, intend to be more consistent with movement, more active throughout the day.

Skyterra’s Fitness recommendations for consistent movement are as follows:

  • Reduce optimal sit time. Work towards < 4 hours of sitting/day.
    Quick Tip- Get a standing desk!
  • Application of the “30 min. rule”.
    Quick Tip: Every 30 minutes make the commitment to get up and move. Apply the 30:1 rule or the 60:2. Every 30 minutes get up for 1 min. or every 60 minutes get up for 2 min. This will absolutely help foster independence from a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Mobilize for 10 minutes daily.
    Quick Tip: Use the mobility corrective exercises from your mobility assessment and apply these to your daily activity routine.